Who are we?

Welcome to The Life Upgrades website. My name is Vasilis Stefanou (a.k.a. Vas), I am the Founder and CEO of this website. Even though there are more people involved behind the scenes you will receive products and most of the information on the website from me. Of course their time and efforts are greatly appreciated. If you want to learn more about me and receive more content specifically from me check out the Learn with Vas page.

Why is this website helpful for you?

This website is like a diary of my own journey on how I’m constantly upgrading my life, as well as other people that I help. Also the rest of the contributors on this website and community have their own say on how they improve their way of life. We try to bring you enjoyable, easy-to-digest and actionable content. We care about staying authentic and giving you value-based content in simple words in order for you to implement the tips and ideas.

The Life Upgrades - Vasilis Stefanou

About the website

The Life Upgrades website started out by Vasilis Stefanou as a small blog which included his experiences with different practices on life improvements. The blog has been featured and recognized on a global scale and more content like social media posts, videos and products were created, making it a complete website. After helping many people a community was created were like-minded people discuss and assist each other on matters like Fitness, Wellness, Self-development, Relationships and Business.

Are you ready to join us and upgrade your life?