We all know the majestic Phoenix bird being reborn from its ashes stronger than before instead of being dead or killed right at that moment. I would like to think of the blog and more extensively the website as the phoenix.

It’s been a long and enjoyable ride researching, brainstorming and writing the articles but I will have to change course for the better. Maybe I will write an article every now and then when I have an idea in my mind but I will take different paths regarding the website, at least for the time being. Therefore The Life Upgrades will continue to inspire and help people improve their lives but we will be using new mediums and methods.

The Life Upgrades - Phoenix

After exploring and experimenting with variety of practices related to health and fitness (you can check in my Instagram account for examples) I have received some invitations for coaching and teaching more extensively with individuals and groups/classes.

Also I have videos related to calisthenics & movements and travelling. So subscribe and stay tuned to my YouTube channel for these.

The 2 above accounts work on your body but I’m an advocate on working the mind too. So I have an account on Medium where I write about philosophical and cultural ideas to make you think better and broaden your horizons.

Moreover, I have some new project ideas and collaborations in mind. By the way I’m always up for any kind of collaboration if anyone else wants to create something together (videos, Facebook or Instagram posts etc.) For collaborations you can email me at thelifeupgrades@gmail.com.

The Life Upgrades - Coaching

Lastly it’s been a while that I have been thinking about creating a Patreon channel. The Patreon channel is already up and running and any support is appreciated. You can pledge as low as the cost of not even a single coffee

The Life Upgrades - Patreon

Thank you for all the support until now and I hope I will see you in the upcoming projects or get connected somehow. So make sure to stay in touch via the below social media accounts:





P.S. In my Instagram stories I will be sharing more of my explorations from travelling, experiencing new things and daily fun activities. So keep checking them out and keep upgrading. 😉

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Which mediums do you prefer receiving the content from? Would you like to attend any kind of seminar/workshop I will be hosting? Do you have any ideas for new projects and/or collaborations?

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