1-on-1 Online Coaching

Who is this coaching for?

  • From beginners to advanced, from stay-at-home moms to businessmen
  • Only the people who are willing to learn and implement the lessons

How will the sessions benefit you?

  • You will be trained by a Mind, Body and Martial Arts Coach with 10+ years of experience in various fields
  • 1-on-1 online coaching at your own space
  • Programs tailored according to your needs and lifestyle on mindset & communication skills, mobility & natural movements, weapons and empty-hand combat
  • We will address your weaknesses first in order to fix them and then improve the rest
  • Learn how to move better, breathe better and perform better

Details about the sessions

  • Online sessions which last for about 1 hour
  • The sessions cost 30€ each and payments (paid in advance before each session starts) can be done via Revolut or PayPal
  • FREE 30-minute consultation is provided to the client at the beginning to get introduced, talk about the goals of the client and what will follow
  • There is no fixed number of sessions. Every person will need different amount of hours spent and steps taken according to what he/she wants to accomplish. So stay disciplined


Check out below the testimonials of other clients and contact me via social media to work together


Whether you’re are trying to improve your health/fitness level or involved in the self-development realm he is the go-to guy. He can provide a lot of knowledge and resources for further investigation on both genres.

Savvas Trichas, two-times TEDx speaker & PhD Human Resources Management and Marketing

Vasilis is an integral part of my Private Facebook group which helps people transform their lives and take things to the next level. I love the regular motivation, advice and wisdom he imparts on others. Great guy and great coach!

Justin Stenstorm, CEO of Elite Man Magazine/Podcast

” Vasilis is a young enthusiastic coach. He combines passion dedication and hard work to reach his full potential. He enjoys helping people to achieve their goals! “

– Mary Vassiliou, BSc/MA Mathematics & MA Cognitive and Educational Psychology

” Vasilis is a great guy and is always sharing great content with the community. He’s not a typical “fitness trainer” that you can find at any gym. What he offers is very valuable and I highly recommend working with him if you get the chance. 👍🏼 “

– Nathan Amado, Original Human Movement owner & MovNat Master Trainer

Perfection; that’s what you experience with Vasilis! Personal training with him was a great experience. I had the chance to feel the meaning of “challenging myself” by his professional instructions.

Nadia Hilmi

Vasilis is always adding value, in my private Facebook community as well as others I’m a part of. Love his message of helping others be their best whether it’s through fitness, style or self-awareness. He can surely help you in those areas, so take note!

Khoi Ngn, CEO of Gentleman Within

He is the best for styling you up, designing you a fitness programme suitable for your physical needs and matching your lifestyle and in general to help you with self-development! He will be friendly like (or more than) your buddy but with true and professional knowledge.

Elena Athanasiou, Health Psychologist

Vasilis is the type of coach that will ask the right questions in the right order on the right time! Very well educated on whatever he is talking about and he will never speak of something that he hasn’t looked into. Ask him your question and simply listen, stay concentrated and use the valuable information he gives! You can’t go wrong!

Iacovos Iacovou, Electrical & Electronic Engineer

What I like about Vasilis is that he knows how to motivate, he makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness/health goals.

Mustafa Gokeri, Digital Designer & UI/UX Designer

I have had the opportunity to see Vasilis giving top-notch advice to people in multiple areas. Whether it’s fashion, health, or dating. He is knowledgeable and kind.

Matthew Schultz

We have worked together on many projects. Great guy and very informed. He has a great sense of awareness of what people need. Would relish the chance of working with him again!

Panayiotis Zezou, Papaz’s Kitchen Co-owner & Computing Graduate

Love your positive energy and mission to help people! Looking forward to seeing what you create next!

Claudia Cox, CEO of Textweapon

It’s good to have Vasilis as a coach and trainer. He is one of the most uplifting people I know. As a coach he thinks out of the box and operates from a place of authenticity. Whether teaching or coaching, Vasilis demostrates a high level of knowledge, experience and a passion for what he does! Whether it’s fashion, health and fitness or dating, Vasilis has you covered. I highly recommend him!

Natasa Lagou, CEO of Idilio Studio & Software/Website Developer

Great mind to work with and an even greater coach for any aspect in your life you are looking to improve on. He will understand your needs and listen to anything you have to say before deciding the best course of action. I highly recommend checking out Vasilis.

Stelios Constantinou, Automotive Engineer

He is so talented guy and very informed about styling, fitness and all about lifestyle in general. He’s very well educated who will find solutions to any of your problems!

Styliana Ioannou, Sales Advisor

Vasilis is great. I am not sure exactly how or why we met but I am very grateful to know him. He always keeps in touch with me helping me with different things through my journey. Vasilis is a great contact to have for me professionally because he is punctual and fast with his responses, he has a very positive view of life, and he’s always willing to help out. I am honored and grateful to know him and write this review. Thanks, Vasilis.

Sal Mariano, Motivational Speaker and Podcaster

Vasilis has experience in the style and fitness industries and he is always willing to share his knowledge!

Marios Agathokleous, Serial Entrepreneur

Vasilis is a fantastic guy. He offers great advice and does it at the most random times while not profiting directly from it. That proves me that he is genuinely interested in helping others to improve. I can highly recommend him and I would love to see him grow as an entrepreneur, because he deserves it.

Jurgen de Vries, Student

His dedication and motivation are two words that describe Vasilis. He can find solutions for things that we consider small in our lives but in the end you can see that the result is not so small after all. A person with whom you can share anything and at the same time receive amazing tips. For Health Training and more I recommend Vasilis!!

Savvas Demosthenous, Sub-lieutenant

I had the best personal trainer for training!!!!

Malvina Mazloum

Vasilis can help you see life more positive and be more active. He will be there for you not only as a coach but also as a friend!

Anna Philippou, Forensic Chemistry Graduate

Knowledgeable and inspirational guy who has the drive to help others reach new levels.

Harvi Sadhra, Community Organiser of Menprovement

A true gentleman who has the ability to open your mind to see things differently. Ready to hear any problems you have in order to give you his opinions.

Nikos Ioannou, Bartender

This man teaches from the core foundations of love, authenticity and openess, as all great life coaches and lifestyle designers do. He comes highly recommended from me and you won’t be disappointed!

Alexander X Cuadrado

Vasilis is a young and modern man who gives determination to others. He’s very well educated who will find solutions to any problems.

Maria Neocleous

No matter what are of life you need help in, Vasilis has you covered. He’s the man!

Spencer Barkley