A relationship between two people must be strong, trustworthy and genuine. However their love life is also important, because at some point one of them or even both of them will get bored of one another. This is why couples must not neglect their sex life during a relationship. They should always try to improve it, even after years of living together. It’s not something that’s hard to maintain. It takes two to tango, which will lead them both to love each other’s company in bed and under the sheets.

  • Flexibility
    It’s optional but if both of you are flexible, then sex is going to be much more fun because there are certain positions that require flexibility. Yoga classes or even normal stretches can do the job.
  • Talk with your partner
    Find a few minutes when both of you are free and just talk and discuss. Talk about things you like and things you don’t, but be honest with each other. That’s how you can find out what both of you like and then work on making things better. But try not to be judgmental as some people take it as criticism and that can make things pretty awkward.
  • Location
    Most people always use the classic location, which is the bed. Try different places around the house and if you are both up for it, try public places! It can be fun, exciting and it can be done anywhere you can think of. If you don’t feel comfortable ‘doing it’ in public, just stick to other parts of the house. Kitchen, shower, garden and garage are all possible choices.
  • Atmosphere
    If the bedroom is the only place for you, then make a couple of changes there. A good atmosphere always gets the mood going. Tidying up the bedroom, switching off the lights, lighting up some candles and filling the bed with rose’ petals are the most common suggestions. From there onwards redecorate the room according to your preferences.
The Life Upgrades - Sex Life
  • Massages
    This is the best way to help your partner relax after a long day at work. Stress decreases; hence you relax both the body and the mind.
  • Foreplay
    Many people neglect it, but they shouldn’t. Foreplay teases people, which turn them on even when they don’t feel like having sex. Find your partner’s secret spots with your hands and mouth and spend time teasing them there.
  • Spice things up
    Always try new things to make things interesting. Introduce ideas to one another and try them out. Some examples are different positions, role-playing; location as we talked about, trying kinky stuff and fulfilling your fantasies. Sex should be enjoyable, not boring.
  • Be spontaneous
    For some people sex has a date. They choose certain days and times to have sex. After a few times you will get used to it which will result to boredom. Be spontaneous and do it whenever and wherever you get the chance to. Quickies are also a good idea if you don’t have much time for each other.
  • Be a team player
    Don’t just think of yourself. Learn how you can satisfy your partner and help him/her finish too. Don’t demand him/her to pleasure you only. There are two people in the bed, not just one. Don’t be selfish.
The Life Upgrades - Sex Life
  • Masturbation
    It’s not a bad thing to masturbate if your partner has left town for a couple days. If anything, it’s actually healthy. All of us get horny every now and then. This is the best way to fulfill your sexual pleasures in situations such as these. Also if you are comfortable enough with each other to send naughty messages and/or pictures, go ahead. A good teasing will make sex even better when he/she comes home.
  • Stop comparing
    Never get discouraged about hearing what others do in their sex lives or if they are better lovers than you and your partner. Everyone has his/her weaknesses and strengths. Find your best attributes, use them and enjoy yourselves.

Some people do not even like the idea of doing the above things, but they honestly make all the difference. If you change your mindset and try at least a few of these pointers, your sex drive will increase a lot. Experiment with your partner and learn what works best for both of you. That will make you both happier in your relationship because your intimacy will improve.

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