Today we will talk about “Peaceful Warrior“, one of my favourite movies. The reason for that is because it has some great life lessons and quotes which you can learn a lot from them. The movie is based on the best-selling book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman. Preferably you need to watch the movie and read the book, but at least you need to do the first one. Let’s see why.

The Life Upgrades - Peaceful Warrior
  • Don’t be arrogant
    Dan has everything he needs. Talent in what he does, friends, A’s at school, girls, fit body and these make him arrogant. Later on though he loses everything because of his attitude. Appreciate what you have and stay humble even after you have anything you need. No one likes d*ckheads.
  • Start doing
    Dan talks all the time and he thinks that he knows everything. At some point Socrates tells him “Knowledge is knowing, wisdom is doing” and he orders him to clean the windshield of a car. Of course knowledge is power and as you study more you become smarter. Wisdom is the next level and comes through experiences and failures. Even at job interviews companies care more about your work experience than your diplomas.
  • Have an alternative plan
    Socrates asked Dan “What if you don’t make it to the Olympic team? What then?” Dan didn’t have an answer, got angry at him and stopped the discussion. Most people only have one goal in their life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have one specific goal that you wanna achieve in your life. But think of at least 2-3 other jobs, hobbies or just interests that you like doing and do these at your free time. You never know what will happen to that goal. Then you will have something else that you love doing for back-up.
  • Offering service to others
    When got frustrated from Socrates’ lessons, Dan asked Socrates why is he at a gas station since he is so wise? His answer was “I’m offering service to others, there isn’t a higher purpose”. Whatever is that you do, if it doesn’t offers service to other people then is worthless. Try to help as many people as you can. You will feel happier and they will appreciate your effort.
The Life Upgrades - Peaceful Warrior
  • Listen to yourself
    Socrates explains that what matters the most is the inside. He tells Dan to stop listening to others and listen to his inner self. Every individual is different otherwise we wouldn’t be who we are. Sometimes might be good to get advice from others but mostly you need to know what is best for you and just do it.
  • Don’t forget your friends
    As we said Dan was very arrogant at the beginning. He betrayed his own friend and he was alone until he did the right thing. Friends are crucial in our lives; they are the brothers/sisters we choose to have next to us. So treat them good like they do.
  • Take out the trash
    That’s what Socrates told Dan because he needed to remove anything that wasn’t useful. If you want to become better in what you do, clear your mind from everything that doesn’t help you toward your end goal. That will create more space for positive thoughts and what is needed. Just think what is required at the right place, the right moment.
  • Be mindful
    Dan learned to be mindful the hard way. The quote of those scenes was “There is never nothing going on. There aren’t any ordinary moments”. Socrates showed him by touching him but Dan didn’t learn. Therefore Socrates threw him off the bridge and then let him find the answer through hours of thinking. Often we get distracted by our busy lives and we don’t observe the simple but extraordinary moments that happen around us. Listen to the kids playing, feel the breeze or the sun burning on your skin, smell the aromas from nature etc. Every second is priceless.
The Life Upgrades - Peaceful Warrior
  • Letting yourself go
    Dan had to face his deepest fear and when he went on top of the tower he found himself. What was holding him back was his own self and he had to let got. Only then he became free. Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone. Face off anything you fear and let go of your past self and things you did that hold you back in order to become a better version of yourself.
  • A Warrior Acts, Only a Fool Reacts
    Another great quote Socrates said when Dan was disabled and lost his desire to be great. There are going to be times where events or your vulnerabilities will make you think that your weaknesses are more than your strengths. You have the power to choose whether you control everything or letting them affect you negatively. That’s the true power of a warrior.
  • Chase what you love
    Dan only cared about getting the gold and not keep practicing his passion because of his disability. Don’t chase items; chase what you love to do. That’s what makes you happy and alive. Money, fame and fancy cars are just cravings. Don’t let them control you.
The Life Upgrades - Peaceful Warrior
  • Death isn’t sad
    “The sad thing is most people don’t live at all”, Socrates said. There is big difference between living and existing. Majority of people do what others tell them to do just to live a normal life like everyone else and when someone dies everyone gets really sad about it. What about the rest of their lives? Death is the natural way of life but your life is created by your choices. Don’t strive to be normal and be part of the crowd. Do something different every day or something that others find it to be weird, as long as you feel happy about it.
  • Journey over destination
    Socrates took Dan for hiking and after a few hours of exhaustion he told him that they were there but there was nothing. Dan got angry about it and Socrates told him that throughout the journey you were so happy because you didn’t know what to expect. Stop thinking the end result of anything you do, just enjoy the ride and what you have to face in order to arrive there. Without the journey with its ups and downs there isn’t going to be a destination in the end.
  • Be present
    What Dan hears in his head at the last scene while trying to do the tricks on the rings: “Where are you? …. HERE. What time is it? … NOW. What are you? … THIS MOMENT.” The most important message that Dan learns through the whole movie is to be present. That’s what you need to learn too. Don’t think anything expect what you do. Be in the moment and do your best. Your focus will be 100% in that activity and your performance will be at its peak. Then you will see how great you are and what you can accomplish.
The Life Upgrades - Peaceful Warrior

Those that haven’t seen the movie yet now you see why you need to. Peaceful Warrior has an amazing storyline and it’s full of great lessons. There are more than what you read here, so watch it, find out and learn from all these to better your life.

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