The time for a challenge has arrived. The readers of this blog know that majority of the articles are how-to’s, tips or thought-provoking lists. However every now and then I have an idea of something different to write about, both in subject and format wise. Now this time I got nominated by my good friend Khoi Ngn over at Gentleman Within to take part in the 11 question challenge. In this challenge I have to answer 11 questions about myself and then nominate another 11 people with the 11 questions I have for them.


1. (stealing from Allison) Why did you start blogging?
2. If your entire life was a movie, what would the title be?
3. Who was your favorite cartoon character as a child?
4. What’s your favorite quote of all-time?
5. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your teenage self?
6. If you could bring one musician back from the dead, who would it be and why?
7. What or who has been the greatest influences in your life thus far?
8. What are some goals that you have for your blog in the short and long term?
9. What’s the one superpower you wish you had and how would you use it?
10. (stealing another one) What is one of the biggest leaps of faith you’ve taken in your life?
11. What is “Home” to you?


1. Blogging for me started out without a ‘why’ or a ‘how’. Almost 3 years ago I decided to start writing my thoughts and what I tried out along my Health and Fitness journey. It was like a journal in my eyes, recording what I thought it worked, what it didn’t and misconceptions about what people think of Health and Fitness subjects.

Along my journey I also got involved in Personal Development which led me also to areas like Philosophy, Psychology and Relationships. Therefore I started studying and using that knowledge in my life in general.

While I was running my blog/website I was learning new skills like writing, marketing and video creating; thus learning also about Online Business and Entrepreneurship. All these let to the creation of The Life Upgrades website and since then I post content on how people can improve their way of life in general.

2. The Never-Ending Path to Curiosity.

3. There were plenty but since I have to choose one then I guess that would be Super Mario.

4. Again too many to choose from. Thanks Khoi for making it so hard for me hahah. I love being a life-long learner in anything so I will choose a quote from one of my favourite philosophers.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

5. Start learning from anything and anyone. Every single person has something to teach you. Books, educational videos, documentaries, podcasts, seminars, webinars; all of them have at least 1% value you didn’t have before. Search for any source of learning and start studying. The results of growth will astonish you.

6. Dimitris Mitropanos is the singer I would like to bring back from the dead. For my foreigner friends don’t worry I will explain. He used to sing a traditional genre and he was probably the last one who kept signing these type of songs without changing the nature of them. He didn’t ruin the quality as most entertainers do for the sake of money. In simple words he was the last authentic singer of his kind.

More explanation from Wikipedia about the genre: Laïkó (Greek: λαϊκό τραγούδι, pronounced [laiˈko traˈɣuði], “song of the people”; “popular song”, pl: laïká [tragoudia]), is a Greek music genre composed in Greek language in accordance with the tradition of the Greek people.

7. A lot of people have influenced me in different areas both on my beliefs and how I perceive things. However the one person who I admire and got influenced the most from is Aristotle. I just love how analytical, mindful and thoughtful he was which helped him create the building blocks for most of the subjects we are studying even today.

8. Short-term goal is to have more people contributing in it. So if anyone is interested and has some great ideas to share about life improvements please do so from here.

Long-term goal is having a variety of ideas from different people and their perspectives which will be noticed from more people around the globe.

9. I have always been a fan of superhero movies, comics etc. I don’t know why but I have an obsession with fire (don’t worry, not the I-wanna-put-everything-on-fire kinda way). It will not be that helpful toward others but manipulation of fire has always been my choice when discussing about superpowers and come on – Isn’t it cool?

10. Moving to Great Britain for studies. It was one of biggest leaps of faith because it was a quick decision but well-worth it. Except of receiving some diplomas, I met new amazing people from around the world, I had some bucket-list experiences crossed off the list and of course I travelled somewhere outside of my country which opened my eyes to more possibilities and perspectives.

11. Amazing question Khoi, I just love it. Although I moved to another city to create a better lifestyle for myself for me ‘Home’ will always be where my friends and family are.

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Even though I don’t like talking about myself it was a fun experience to write this article and confess more about myself to you through the above questions. Thanks Khoi for involving me in the challenge, I had a blast.

11 Blogger Nominations:

1. Nasos Papadopoulos of
2. Claudia Cox of
3. Ivan Martinez of
4. Brock McGoff of
5. Mandy Allen of
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7. Harvi Sadhra of
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My questions:

1. When did you find out blogging and what was fascinating about it in order to start doing it?
2. What was the best place you ever visited and why?
3. If you had to teach others another area of expertise than the one you already have, what will it be and why?
4. Which is the most helpful mobile app or platform for you?
5. What was the best gift you ever received or given?
6. What was the most exciting thing you noticed lately? From the web, in nature, between interactions with others etc.
7. What was the best skill or piece of knowledge you have acquired until now?
8. You have the chance to meet a dead or alive person who either shaped your life in any sort of way or you find that person brilliant? Who would that be and why?
9. The 3 best resources for you (from books, courses, podcasts, documentaries, etc.).
10. What was the best advice you have received?
11. What is your life philosophy?

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Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Can you relate to the above answers? – If yes then in which ones? Are you following any of the blogger nominations? What did you like about this specific article in format and content?