Few things can beat the thrill of meeting someone face to face and having a good chat. Whether you’re on a first date, having an important meeting with a business partner, or reuniting with your partner after time apart, meeting people in person is often a rewarding thing to do. However, in 2017 it’s important that we all refine our texting skills so that we can build even better relationships and improve our chances of success – especially with the opposite sex.

What do you think is the worst that could happen if your communication skills via text are poor? Perhaps the other person will get bored and lose interest. Maybe they’ll stop talking to you altogether. Maybe you won’t get what you wanted. Maybe they’ll find someone else to talk to. Communication is key to stronger relationships, both romantic and professional ones. The better you are at communicating with the other sex via text, the more luck you’ll have. Even if you just want some flirty fun, your communication skills need to be on point. Otherwise, you can forget all about another date – ever again.

That’s how important good communication skills via text are. We all text, and we all form an impression about a person based on the way they text. If you can’t keep someone’s interest, you lose.

Let’s take a look at how both sexes should communicate better via texting with some examples.

Be clear

One of the problems with texting is that tone is very hard to detect. You’ve probably already noticed this. Either someone in the past has misread what you’ve said to them and got upset, or you’ve misread what someone has said to you and got way too excited. Tone is hard to judge, and the only thing to make it easier for the other person to work out your tone is by being as clear and as concise as possible. Read back your text messages before sending and ask yourself if your tone is clear. If it isn’t, reword it so that your language is more direct. The other person is not a mind-reader - they need you to help them out. If you don’t want to appear frustrated with them, don’t say “Oh my God!!!” Instead, be clear about what you want from them: “LOL I see you’re still struggling with what I’m saying. What’s not clear?”

Re-read your messages before sending

The beauty of texting is that we can edit our words before sending them. This is something you just can’t do in real life. In real life, the opposite sex gets you in raw, unedited form - fumbled lines, faux pas, the works! It’s so easy to say something you deeply regret two seconds later. You: “I love you." Your Brain Two Seconds Later: “Oh my God, did I just say that …” With texting, you have the chance to look over what you’ve typed out. You can edit it before sending. For example, let’s say that you’re a bit annoyed with the other person and you’re ready to lash out in the heat of the moment. “I’m seriously thinking of ending this!!” If you take a time-out before sending, you might return ten minutes later with a totally different approach. Maybe you’ll fine tune your text so that there is a lot less emotional intensity. Something like this: “I didn’t appreciate your last text, but I understand your concerns. Why don’t we talk about this over the phone?” You shouldn’t just give yourself some breathing space during more heated exchanges. Edit your texts whenever emotions are high. For better communication, it’s important that you don’t get caught up in knee-jerk reactions caused by the heat of the moment.

Always say goodbye

You know what’s really annoying? When people just vanish mid-conversation. You’re having a great time texting them. The minutes are flying by and you can’t stop giggling. This is fun. You’re just about to ask if they fancy catching a movie tomorrow when they just vanish into thin air. They stop replying abruptly. It’s nothing new. As a matter of fact, you’re used to it. They do it all the time. It’s nothing personal. It’s just the way they are. However, it makes them appear inconsistent and unreliable. And it’s really aggravating! For better communication with whoever you’re talking to, always let them know when you’ve got to go. Say something like, “I’ve had a great time texting you! But I have to go back to work now. :(“ If you’re super cool, you’ll even let them know when you’ll be back.

The Life Upgrades - Goodbye

Keep things short and snappy

Always remember that you’re not composing a novel, and that the other person probably doesn’t have the time or energy (or interest) to read through a whopper of a text. If you want to be engaging and you want to communicate better via texting, keep things brief. Don’t waffle on about your day. “Oh, I got up late which was annoying and then I stubbed my toe on the bath before burning my tongue on my coffee. Then I got on the bus at last and this girl kept staring at me which was annoying for real like wtf.” Be more like: “My day was OK! Burnt my tongue on some coffee though LOL.”

Discriminate. Not everything is funny or worth reading. Keep the juice but discard all else. Good luck!

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Author: Claudia Cox is the creator of Text Weapon and the author of French Seduction Made Easy. She is passionate about modern communication and loves helping people improve their relationships through flirty texting. She is also one of the contributors in our website helping our readers with her practical and fun articles. To read more by Claudia, visit her website over at Text Weapon and signup to her newsletter. Contact her via her Twitter account.