The best tool for promoting a business is marketing. Most of the times without that; consumers have no clue about the company or product. Even though normal marketing still helps, the one that is going to bring plenty of customers is online marketing. We live in a world that most people cannot do anything without using at least one social media. That’s why you need to promote what you have to offer through these. So let’s talk about the most usable social networks and their statistics at the start of 2015 because numbers never lie.


The list has to start with this Facebook. There were a few of them before, but this one took social networking to a whole new level. I mean they even made a movie about it in 2010. For those that didn’t know that, it’s called “The Social Network”. It’s the most famous of all and it has reached 1.39 billion active users monthly. Creating a page for your product is easy and free. You can also promote your page or posts by paying Facebook. Also you can add the “Share” button inside your website.


Twitter was the second most famous social media after Facebook when it came out. It has reached 284 million active users monthly. In some countries people prefer using Twitter instead of Facebook. Thus if your fellow countrymen use it a lot, you need to use it. Promote your products by the tweets you post so that your followers can check it out via links or add the “Tweet” button inside your website.

Google Plus

Many people ignore Google Plus but they shouldn’t. It has 2.2 billion profiles online and that should mean a lot. Since Google (the most usable search engine in the world) owes it, you can easily share your published contents to your Google+ account and increase the engagement from people. You can even interact with your customers through Google Hangouts. Add the “+1” button inside your website so that people can recommend your posts.


Pinterest is the perfect social media for people who show their products through photos. It’s excellent for photographers, food or fashion bloggers, models and so on. Still everyone can use it and find it helpful. Pinterest has around 70 million users. It becomes more popular each day especially in America. The first thing you need to do is show the photos of your products inside your Pinterest account. The second thing is add the “Pin it” button inside your website so that people can share your products. In this way your posts get pinned in Pinterest and more people can see it afterwards.


Instagram is a photo-sharing social media like Pinterest but it works mostly on mobile phones. You can’t do a lot on your pc, but it became more preferable than its competitor by reaching 300 million active users monthly. Therefore take photos of your product, enhance the picture if you want with different features and upload it. People worldwide can see your photos, like them and comment on them. Since it uses mobile phones add your website’s link in your bio and they can reach you from there.


Last but not least if you want to look professional in whatever you have to sale, then you need to use it. LinkedIn reached over 332 million members. However it’s a bit different from the other social media. A company page can be created to let people know about your company or you can create an account of yourself and what you have accomplished. Inside your profile you can add your products, for example if you published a book and its link so they can buy it. Also you can add the “in share” button inside your website for people to share your products.

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