In less than a week most people around the world will celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, many of them don’t know what to do in order to show to their significant other how much they appreciate and love them. So what are some great ideas to spend that day? Let’s talk about a few.

The Life Upgrades - Happy Valentine's Day

Before we do though, I wanna make it clear that I’m listing these ideas to help you find ways to show your love to your partner whenever you want, but sadly most people will use the list only that day. I don’t like people getting obsessed with that specific day for two reasons. Firstly, this tradition with Valentine’s Day and gifts was created by the marketers who sell related things to people so they can sell more to them. Secondly I don’t believe that you need to show your love in one specific day the whole year. You can do that anytime you feel like it and your partner will appreciate it more because he/she won’t expect it.

Dinner at home

Going out for a romantic dinner to an expensive and high-class restaurant is a classic one. Sure, you get the excellent service, cooked and decorated food by a master chef, quality wine and nice atmosphere. But why not do that by yourself and even cheaper. If you learn to cook at least that meal correctly your partner will also appreciate that and probably even more. Light up some candles, put on some music, prepare a tasty meal; choose a wine that you both like a lot and voilà. Not that hard, right? You will get to spend time alone without having others around you and still enjoy the goodness of a restaurant.

The Life Upgrades - Dinner at Home

Have a trip

Who doesn't like travelling? Especially if you visit a place you love visiting often or a place you always wanted to go there. Take a day-off from work and have a fun trip somewhere. It doesn’t have to be outside your country. You can go somewhere a few hours away from home. You still get to travel and relax at a different place from your daily routine. The most important thing is not thinking about work and both of you enjoying yourselves.

The Life Upgrades - Trip

Special place

If you don’t want to travel just arrange to meet at your special place. The one that means a lot to both of you. Maybe is the one you met or is just a place you love for a reason. Is it the beach? Is it a local bar/café? Is it the forest? Whatever that is just meet there and do something that will bring back happy memories from the past. We all love reminding ourselves of those.

The Life Upgrades - Special Place

Do an activity

Think outside of the box. It doesn't always have to be a meet-up at a restaurant or something similar. The point is to have fun and enjoy your day with your significant other. What’s that activity that you both love doing for entertaining yourselves? It can be any type of class, any form of exercise, maybe just a simple walk or even having a massage together. If you are having trouble finding an activity, the “60 great hobbies” article might give you a few ideas on finding one.

The Life Upgrades - Activity

The suggestions above should give you enough hints to think a creative way to impress and surprise your partner. But you are the one that knows him/her better, so use your brain. One last tip to make that date amazing is to make it exciting and something unexpected, not boring.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day? What were you thinking of doing for your partner? Do you show your love only on that day? If not- When do you? Were these ideas helpful? Can you suggest other ones? What was the best idea you had until now?