Now not everybody will agree that travelling is awesome. Maybe they hate travelling because airplanes or ships making them feel sick, or have phobias of flying or being in water. Others might struggle packing their things and always forget to take important items. Still the benefits are plenty more. However which ones are the best?

Discovering new places

Some countries have many similarities both in culture and appearance. However none of them are exactly the same as others. Every single one of them has its own wonders and landscapes to visit. Probably if you travel to another continent you will be amazed at what you see. It’s like entering another world. Europeans have different traditions and ways of living etc. from Americans for example. Even among the countries the differences are noticeable, in a good way of course. That’s why sightseeing in an unknown place is exciting.

The Life Upgrades - New places

Meeting new people

These landscapes were way before we were born. But traditions and cultures are created by the people living in each country. They create its history, its sights, how things work in that country and even the lifestyle in general for generations to come. For this reason you will meet new people who have a different perspective than yours. Who knows? You might even make new life-long friends that you can visit in the future!

The Life Upgrades - Meeting new people

Having new experiences

Because of these people and places, you will have new once-in-a-lifetime adventures which will broaden your horizons. You can learn from new activities that you have never tried before, you can learn a new language, you can taste different foods which weren’t available in your country, they might show you exotic places as the list goes on. The possibilities are endless. If you like trying new things, then this is something you should definitely look forward to.

The Life Upgrades - Canoeing

Learn history

Schools teach kids about world history so that kids learn more about other civilizations. Of course that’s a good thing. But who’s the best on teaching you about a country’s history? Definitely the locals of that country. They have been taught from a young age about their heritage and how their country works. Also they have lived there their whole life. They have the knowledge on everything related to that country. Plus if you ask older people about the place’s history you will also learn myths, legends and fairy tales which are always fun to hear about.

The Life Upgrades - Learning History

Try a new way of living

Each country also has its own way of living. People create and follow different philosophies depending on their religions and cultures. They have their own rituals, celebrations, manners and etiquette and ways in which their systems work. Something that people in your country don’t care so much about might be important to a person in another country. It might even be an insult. Learn from the locals as what’s considered right or wrong, respect it. You visited their place; why not follow their rules and laws at least while you are there. In some cases you might like how they think and act on certain things and use those teaching in your daily life.

The Life Upgrades - New Way of Living

As you can see there are a lot you can gain from travelling apart from relaxing. You just have to be open to new ideas and be positive about everything. Take advantage of every opportunity that arises. Otherwise the trip will be dull and mentally painful. I’m sure there are more great things included in a trip but those are enough to make you schedule your next vacation right away.

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