Last week I was very sick and it was awful. Therefore I used some of the remedies I already knew to treat myself and I did a little research to find some a few more. I was surprised how many they are out there and people spend hundreds of money on medicines that may don’t even help them out. These remedies though are cheap and really effective, so start using them.

  • Face steam
    Fill a bowl with boiling water. Then have your face above it and breathe the steam. Be careful because you may feel your nose is going to burn from the really hot steam. Stop for a few seconds and do it again until you ease your stuffy nose. For more beneficial treatment you can even use green tea, tea tree oil, chamomile tea, eucalyptus oil and lavender.
  • Stay warm
    Take a hot shower and close the door so that steam from the hot water can help you like the above point. Hot shower will help you calm and even relax your sore muscles that you probably have because of the illness. Also when you are sleeping or watching TV make sure to stay warm using a good quality blanket. You will need to rest a lot.
  • Hydrate
    One of the most important things you always need to do is hydrate. Drink plenty of liquids. Carry with you a bottle of water or a juice all the time. Also hot beverages will help too because they will moist your throat while soothing it.
The Life Upgrades - Tea
  • Hot beverages
    The best way to soothe your throat whether it’s dry or is hurting or you can’t swallow anything. The one that I used was chamomile tea with honey and cinnamon. Chamomile tea helps you sleep and has plenty other benefits. Honey soothes dry throats and cinnamon fights the pain of a sore throat. Also the combination of these two relieves congestion and cough. Another great choice is ginger tea. It’s helpful if you have headaches and/or high fever.
  • Food
    It would be difficult to eat but at some point you need to eat something. Eat healthy so that your body gets the nutrients needed to fight the infection. Soups are the food that you will eat the most. The reason being is the same like beverages; you need something hot to soothe your throat while giving you the nutrients your body needs. The best choice is chicken soup because it has protein and nutrients to help your body fight the illness.
  • Vitamin C
    For some people works and for others it doesn’t. For me always have been, so why don’t you try it too. You have nothing to lose. It helps treat cold in my opinion. Oranges and mandarins are the best choices.
The Life Upgrades - Orange
  • Exercise
    If possible try to exercise. I don’t mean going heavy of course. Slow joking, light jumping jacks, slow rope skipping or light calisthenics are great ways for light exercising. This will boost your immune system and fight the illness. Also you will feel great afterwards because of removing parts of the infection from your body through sweating.

Start using these natural potions or ways to treat cold and stop buying medicines. Most medicines may help you to feel better but then they may cause you another health problem. On the other hand, the natural remedies will make the recovery process faster because of the nutrients they give you and they don’t have downsides. And don’t forget that medicines are too expensive.

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