We all want to have awesome bodies, do more work for something we love, study for the exams to get good grades, eat healthier, be consistent with daily chores and plenty more, but most of the time we tend to be lazy. Can we build good habits? Can we stay motivated to do the work required all the time?

First of all you need to understand that many of your daily activities are done because of habits. Either good habits or bad habits, it doesn’t matter, you still do them. Scientists found that 40 percent of what you do every day is habitual. Few examples are drinking coffee every morning, driving to familiar places without noticing when you have arrived there and brushing your teeth before you go to sleep.

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That’s a good and a bad thing simultaneously. It’s bad because you create bad habits easily without noticing but it’s also good because there are ways to replace the bad habits with good ones. Through the years many scientific studies were done to find the specific number of days needed in order to form a habit. Some scientists said 21 days, others 1 month and there were some more. The latest discovery says that the magic number is 66 days.

However in those 66 days you need to stay motivated and keep doing what you need to do, so that the habit sticks to you. So these are some ways that can help you out with that.

  • Don’t overwhelm yourself
    Decide what goals matter the most to you at the moment. Don’t think of 10 different goals because you will put a lot of pressure to yourself and you won’t be able to achieve anything in the end. Depending on how big they are choose 1-3 goals to start working on them.
  • Visualize
    You need to have the end goal in your mind. Visualize that it happened already. Think that you have the business of your dreams or you speak the language you wanna learn. That will make you inspired to start the process and stay focused on that. Even gold medal athletes use visualization to win.
  • Have reasons
    Find the reasons why you want to start that habit if you want to continue without stopping. Wanna save money? You will get out of debt and have a better lifestyle. Wanna start eating healthier? You won’t get sick easily and you will get those six-pack abs. Reasons are what drive us, so find at least one.
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  • Planning
    You want to exercise 4 times a week, you need to study, you want to hang out with friends and you also have piano lessons. Create a schedule of what are you gonna do every day and at what time exactly. That will help you stay accountable about your activities and have everything in an order. It will make things easier for you to follow and keep you on track.
  • Small habits that you can’t refuse them
    When you think about your end goals you then need to break them into smaller pieces that you can’t say no to them. Let’s say you want to start reading books. Read 5-10 pages every day. If the book is 200 pages and you read 10 each day then in 20 days you will finish it. Don’t take big steps because they won’t stick to you and you will end up back where you started.
  • Environmental influence
    Environment effectiveness is really high, both in a good and a bad way, depending on how you use it. If you are trying to work on your project and you are surrounded by a TV, a bed, video games and anything else that you like doing for fun, they will distract you. Same goes with trying to eat healthy and your house is full of candies and junk food. All these are triggers, so try to change them with good ones. Study in a room with just books, direct sunlight, and a desk.
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  • Have patience
    Progress is not something that comes really fast and easy. You have to struggle at first with very little or no results. I know it’s frustrating, but that’s how things are. Whether you are trying to get stronger, master a new skill or be the best on what you do. Be patient and keep trying for that end goal you have in mind.
  • Deadlines
    Whatever is that you wanna achieve, write down a date that you need to finish the specific project. Deadlines will keep you on track even if you are bored to do the work needed. I have a deadline that every Monday I have to upload a new motivational post for you along other posts throughout the week and they must also value in it. There are times that I don’t have that motivation to write but because I have committed on doing that, I’m consistent.
  • Don’t lose a second day in a row
    Sometimes your program has to change because something urgent came up and you won’t make it to the gym that day. It’s ok, you won’t lose your gains. But still, don’t get used to the idea of staying relaxed and not go to the gym the next day. You will like that, lose your focus, keep relaxing and the days will add up in the end.
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  • Ohh, those bad days
    There are going to be some of those bad days that you are not in the mood, you feel angry or frustrated with everything or you just can’t do anything. I have some of those with both exercising and blogging. I get irritated but I can’t do something about it. So I try to relax, not think about it and do something else worth of my time that will help me with my progress, like reading or stretching. I suggest you do the same, it works.
  • Don’t compare
    Most people get discouraged by comparing themselves with other famous people or people with years of experience. That holds them back from achieving THEIR dreams and it’s pointless because every one of us has different features, strengths and weaknesses. So find yours and compare yourself only with who you were yesterday.
  • Inspiration
    Find at least 2-3 great people who have achieved what you wanna do in your life and have them as role models. Their success will inspire you to keep trying until you become like them and even better.
  • Communities
    They’re one of the most helpful ways to stay motivated. Either online ones or some near your place. You have the same goals with other people, so you help and motivate each other until the finish line.
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  • Partners
    It’s the same thing with communities but instead of a group you have an individual. The support might help you more because you have a closer relationship with those people. Some of them are best friends, workout buddies, wife, husband, relatives, co-workers etc.
  • Coaching
    Coaches, trainers or mentors will keep you on track with the correct steps toward success. They will also give you valuable advices and motivate you when you feel discouraged from setbacks.
  • Enjoy the ride
    Try to make your goals as enjoyable and interesting as you can. In that way you will never get bored. Instead you’ll feel excited every day to start your day.
  • Journaling
    Write down everything and anything you do from the beginning until the end. That will keep you accountable and when you see the big milestones you have accomplished you will feel energized to continue. Also you get to compare your results and see the progress you did.
  • Reward yourself
    Why do you think we get so obsessed with video games and getting all the achievement medals? Because they reward us with the thought that we did something great in the game and we got better scores than others. Humans like to get gifts for doing something even if that is just something virtual. They feel happy because of the dopamine and endorphin levels rising in their brains. So whenever you finish something big give yourself a gift, like your favourite beverage, vacations to relax or an item you always wanted.
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Building good habits and not getting demotivated can be harder for some people more than others. But with the right approach it’s achievable. Use the ways that can help you do that and find people who have the same goals like you or want to help you out. Then you won’t stop trying, no matter what.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Did you find these ways helpful? Which ones do you use? Do you have any more to suggest? What are your recent goals? What keeps you motivated?