People get obsessed with losing fat and sometimes they take things too far in order to achieve that. In some cases they overdo it so much that they create health problems. But there are natural, healthy ways to lose more fat and boost your metabolism without hurting yourself.

I’m not talking about eating healthy and working out. Of course they are the best ways towards that, but I’m not gonna talk about them today. Instead I wanna talk about a few other ways that most people don’t know or don’t think about that are easy to do and can be helpful.

  • Confuse your body
    Eating healthy can reduce drastically your body fat. It’s common sense; you give to your body what it needs so it can work properly. Thus, your metabolism gets faster to burn the excess fat and less of that fat gets stored. However, even if you keep eating healthy all the time your metabolism at some point onwards will get slower because it gets used to the same food. That’s why cheat meals once or twice a week are good for you. Your body doesn’t expect it and when you eat them it starts working harder to remove them from your system, causing your metabolism to get faster again. But that does not mean you have to keep eating crap all the time because things will go the other way around.
The Life Upgrades - Cheat Meals
  • Just keep moving
    Most people think that if you want to get shredded you need to spend hours to the gym. In any kind of action you take your body uses the food you have eaten for energy. And actually most gyms go against to your nature because of the machines. Your body was created in a way that it has to move all the time. There are more fun activities to do as hobbies than going to the gym and doing the same things over and over again. Do you like dancing? Try salsa, hip-hop, breakdance or ballet. Do you like martial arts? Try boxing, mma, wing chun, tai chi or muay thai. Do you like outdoor activities? Try hiking, rock climbing, cycling or just walking most of the day. Do you like any type of the new fitness movements? Try calisthenics/street workout, animal flow, any type of yoga or parkour/free running. There are so many great things you can do. Be active with activities you love doing, have fun and your body will appreciate it more. It will show you in the long run.
The Life Upgrades - Outdoor Activities
  • Foods and beverages
    Green tea and dark chocolate expect of all the great nutrients they provide, they also boost your metabolic rate because of the caffeine and the catechin antioxidant in them. Any foods that are rich in fiber like legumes and whole grains help your system work well and that results in burning fat. Spicy foods and sauces increase your body temperature to a point that you might feel hotter on the inside and even sweat. Therefore your metabolism gets a boost again.
The Life Upgrades - Spicy, chili
  • Drinking water
    Probably you have already heard that before, but still many people don’t drink enough water. So I thought let that be the 4th way. Our body needs water to survive more than anything else. Except of helping you staying alive, it flushes out anything unwanted by your body and speeds up your metabolism, so it burns more calories. When you combine water with freshly squeezed lemons the effect gets even greater. Start your day with 1-2 glasses of cold lemon water and you will see big difference after a few weeks and you will also feel refreshed.
The Life Upgrades - Water, lemon

Those are 4 simple but highly effective metabolic boosters that you can easily add to your daily life. Use these instead of anything else that sellers are trying to sell you. In just a few weeks’ time, depending on your lifestyle of course; you will feel better, more energized, lose more weight and spend less money.

Bonus: Cold showers are really effective metabolic boosters and help you lose fat depending on how often and for how long you shower. I experienced unbelievable results on my body. You can learn more on why it helps burn fat on this article.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Have you tried before any of these boosters? If yes – Which ones? What activities do you like doing to keep your body in motion? What were your results? What other non-manufactured ways can you suggest?