There are many leisure places we can choose from according to what we like to do for fun. However not all of these places are great for connecting with other people because of what they are. First let’s talk about the ones that you should go to and then the ones you shouldn’t for that reason.

The Life Upgrades - Reconnect with People


These two in my opinion are similar. You celebrate something special with friends and colleagues, they offer you food and drinks, there is music either loud or soft depending on the event and sometimes there are surprises too. Parties and events by their nature are for connecting with people. People related to the event are gathered to talk and have fun. You should never miss any of these except if something important happens.

Coffee shops

Some people find it hard to talk to other people at a coffee shop because they think that daytime is harder to say something to someone else especially if you want to go on a date with him/her and also because you distance yourself from them by sitting at a table. Don’t think like that. Use these excuses to your advantages. In daytime you can talk to more people and there are more fun things to do or discuss about. That’s why you can find countless reasons for interacting with others. An example of that is asking the people to the table next to you to join you in a card game.

The Life Upgrades - Coffee Shop


Ok, I’m not talking about the ones that are like clubs because of the loud music. We will talk later about those ones on why they aren’t a good idea. I’m talking about lounge bars with softer music that you can talk and hear the other person talking to you. These places are great for socializing. Their theme is to relax, have a drink and mingle. Plus you can sit at the few high tables or the bar if you find the normal tables as obstacle on talking to people as we mentioned above.


People go for a walk, they play with their kids or pets, they read books while sitting under a tree, they play different kinds of sports, and they sit on the bench to talk. You can find people doing all these and even more. I’m sure you like at least one of these activities to have a reason to go at the park. You will have fun, do what you love, connect with nature and most importantly with people. Think about it. It’s quite easy to start a conversation with someone about his/her dog and yours.

The Life Upgrades - Park

These 4 places are perfect for entertaining yourself with something new every time while networking with people, but now let’s talk about the ones that you shouldn’t consider.


This one goes without saying. People go there to eat; they don’t wanna meet new people and talk all night long. Of course you can talk with your friends, spouse or relatives who you went there with. But others want to enjoy their favourite meal, which it’s the reason why they went there in the first place and then leave. So stop distracting them and finish yours.

The Life Upgrades - Restaurant


Most people think that is the perfect place to be social with others, especially guys. They think that it’s easier than coffee shops to talk to a girl because it’s night time, where they can hide if something goes wrong, also the drinks make them more confident because of their effect and lastly they dress better. But guess what, it’s right the opposite. Firstly as we said above in daytime you can find more things to talk about, secondly you won’t be all the time drunk. So you should learn to talk to girls without the alcohol. Also girls hate when drunken guys talk to them, so just stop. Lastly I know image matters on how people judge you, but when you have a good personality and have something nice to talk about, that changes everything in a positive way.


Another place that people think is great to chat. Last time I checked gyms were places which individuals go to exercise and not talk. If you start talking to everyone for a few minutes then your workout is going to be nothing. You go for approximately an hour to give your 100 percent on working out and nothing else. Also probably someone else is waiting for you to finish so he/she can use the weights or machine you are using. If you want to talk to people just arrange with them a meeting at the spots we mentioned earlier and continue with your exercises.

The Life Upgrades - Gym

Those are the most common places that I think are suitable or not for networking and meeting new people in my opinion. For some people might not work according to where they like to hang out, but take them into consideration.

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