​Recently I got a new job to save some extra money and get more experience. It was something new and that’s why I had some difficulties getting used to the environment and how things work there. But with the right approach things got better and it wasn’t that hard in the end. So for all of you out there who got recruited at a new job these tips might help you with the struggle.

The Life Upgrades - Starting new job

The company received the perfect CV created by you with all your knowledge and skills. They included you in the list with the 10 best candidates from the 50, passing to the next round. Then they interviewed all 10 of you and they were impressed by you. Therefore they called you again to tell you that you are starting on Monday.

Congrats, but what you do now? Everyone is scared when he/she starts something new because he/she doesn’t know what to expect. Don’t worry, go through these tips and everything is going to be fine. Why wouldn’t be? They chose you from 50 people. That should mean something.

  • Always be on time
    Employers always pay attention on timing, both when you go at work and when you deliver the tasks you are supposed to. By being always on time, it means that you are disciplined, hard worker and accountable. Also they pay you for every minute you work for them. Why wouldn’t they be mad at you if you are late?
  • Take responsibilities
    When you do something wrong, don’t blame it to others. Say it to someone who knows what you need to do in order to fix the problem. They will respect you more and they will help you learn, so you don’t make the same mistake again. They will understand that you are new and you need practice. Mistakes happen all the time, we are humans.
  • Don’t make the same mistake twice
    However that doesn’t mean you can get away with everything all the time. Make sure you understand the instructions they give you. They won’t be merciful for every mistake you make.
The Life Upgrades - Mistake
  • Listen more, talk less
    Everyone has the right to talk; we are free people after all. However when you work for someone else you can’t talk all the time. They were there years before you started working there and they know a lot more than you do. So start listening to what they say to you whether that is your boss or any kind of supervisor or even someone else with the same rank as you because he/she has more experience than you. Talk in a nice way when you think something is wrong or when you wanna ask something.
  • Be likeable
    No one likes arrogant, selfish and I-know-everything people. As we said above listen more instead of talking, because like noticing others listening to them. Be friendly, kind and polite with customers, your boss and your colleagues. Start smiling more, but not too much that you look stupid and help anyone that requires assistance. Also make sure to make eye contact with whoever you talk. Don’t talk to them and start looking around when they talk back to you. Lastly welcome everyone and say goodbye when leaving.
  • Remove emotions from work
    There is no person without problems. All of us go through rough times. That doesn’t mean that we have to bring our problems to work. The customer doesn’t care if we broke up with our spouse or if we have financial problems. He/she comes to get served. Whatever you are going through you need to get mentally stronger in order to set your emotions about those problems aside and look happy in front of the customer. Otherwise you won’t see him/her around again and that will cause you your job, creating another big problem.
  • Team working
    All companies have a staff because there are different sections that need to be organized and be at their peak performances. Therefore they recruit specific individuals for every department. In the end though, all of them work together as a team in providing the product to the buyer. Be a team player and don’t fight or argue with others. Help them and they will help you back, guaranteed.
The Life Upgrades - Teamwork
  • Find solutions
    Finally problem solving is what every employer looks in every employee. If you are not fast enough on coming up with ideas right in the spot then you might have a problem. They will teach you what you need to learn at first, but then they have to leave you all by yourself to do the job. That’s what they pay you for and they have others things to attend to. Use the knowledge you already have and the one you will acquire and be quick on finding the way to solve a situation.

Those are the most important point in my opinion on what I experienced in the different jobs I started over the years. Every job might have a different approach on how it works and what it sells, but all of them require the above values. Start working on them.

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