One of the biggest struggles that many people face around the world is how to save money. Everyone has his/her own reasons, like buying certain goods that are needed for family reasons on a daily basis for example. Another issue is something like an unexpected operation or a trip to the dentist which can really set somebody financially backwards. No one can ever be sure on when a good stash of cash will be needed, as these things simply just appear out of the blue, that’s reality! Therefore I’m going to tell you a few suggestions to help you start budgeting. I’m sure there are plenty more ways you can think of, but still here are some:

  • Small monthly savings
    Every month save at least 20% of your monthly salary in a safe place or your bank account. It’s small, especially if you are not earning much. However after a while it will add up and become a big part of your savings account.
  • Keep track of your expenses
    Write down the major things you need to pay out every month like groceries, house utilities and gas. Also, you can add the less important things you are going to purchase. Simply note down a small sum of your income that is enough to cover these ‘bills’ and make sure to stay on track and stick to the plan. Do not spend more and try to spend less. This is a very basic way to save money for the long run.
  • Use discount coupons
    Start using every discount coupons you get from the stores. Don’t be embarrassed, even if it’s not much of most stores only offer 10-25%. However, you will see the difference once your basket fills up, especially if you are a large family. Every penny counts!
The Life Upgrades - Discounts and sales
  • Remove luxuries from your life
    We all have certain obsessions and love buying unnecessary stuff. However if you do not have the money, stop buying these things. This will put you into a much more comfortable position with your budget and you will realize a huge difference instantly.
  • Use cheap or free products
    There are many products out there that are cheap or even free. For example, Tesco value products are just as useful and do the same job as the expensive brands, if anything better!
  • Use cheaper transportation
    Book your train or flight tickets in advance to get your travel at a much cheaper price. Start using buses instead as they are much more economical for the working public. Hybrid cars are another great way of transportation to save money. Also, use a bike or try walking to commute to places near/around you. Bike rides are free and a much more healthier option.
The Life Upgrades - Transportation
  • Fix it yourself
    Anything in the house that needs fixing such as tables and chairs can be sorted with a bit of DIY. Try fixing them yourself and if you are not sure how to, use YouTube! I’m sure you can find something on the internet to help you out for free. YouTube is a great way to learn DIY for everything, from clothes to furniture. You can even learn how to certain create technology items and plenty more.
  • Use less electricity and water
    Turn off the lights and any electrical appliances before leaving the house. Don’t waste water without using it. Replace the normal light bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs. If possible, invest in solar panels to reduce the energy you use to reduce global warming and the carbon footprint.

Bonus: Become a minimalist and you will save a lot of money depending on your lifestyle.

There are plenty of other ways can save a ton of money in today’s world. Whether you choose to save or spend your income on unnecessary things is a choice that is strictly down to you. However, think before you act, choose wisely and you will have no financial problems within your daily life.

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