Confidence is the most known problem for most people when it comes to business, relationships or even just simple interactions with others. Some businessmen and entrepreneurs find it very difficult to stand in front of hundreds of people to talk about their products. Some students are even embarrassed to pitch their presentations in front of a whole class and be graded for it. People in general sometimes struggle on having more self-esteem when talking with others.

In other cases, when both women and men see someone who they find attractive, they lose the courage to talk to them and won’t end up asking them to go out for a coffee or a drink. It may be hard, but not entirely impossible to increase your self-esteem and build confidence though. Let’s go over a few tips:

  • Appearance
    It affects your confidence big time. Whether you wear something charming or classic, it will help you in your encounters with the opposite sex and your meetings respectively. Body and face are also crucial when talking to someone you like. For example if you have a ripped six-pack or a bright smile with white teeth, you will naturally be more attractive to the opposite person.
The Life Upgrades - Appearance
  • Body Language
    It can help you in both, the business world and your love life. If you learn how to use it correctly then you will know if someone likes you the way you do, how to handshake the right way, how much to smile, how to make eye contact the proper way and many more. This helps to know what others think and know what must be done next. Also, you can show your strengths and hide your weaknesses.
  • Posture
    I know it’s part of body language, but it deserves its own bullet point. You might be good at handshakes and smiling but if you don’t have the proper posture then no one will take you seriously. The reason for that is that having a good posture increases your testosterone in both men and women, which is highly needed. This will give you more confidence and will help people notice you. Walk and stand with a straight back, chest out, hands to the side not in front of you and look forward.
  • Positive thinking
    Something that you must have in everything you do in life. Every day you should remind yourself of the best things that have came into your life, not the bad ones. Also start facing your fears and never say that you can’t do something. That mentality will make you happier and much more confident for achieving something even greater in upcoming events.
  • Mirror practice
    Stand in front of a mirror and rehearse your speech or some of your thoughts. By practicing, you are less likely to forget something afterwards as it also helps you correct the way you say things, your posture and even gestures.
  • Do what you think is right
    People in our days like to see others fail. Whether you do something amazing or something stupid, they will judge you no matter what. So do not listen to them and act upon stupidity. Maybe your idea is the next big thing.
The Life Upgrades - Do it your way
  • Never let your mistakes haunt you
    If something went wrong in the last relationship or in the last job, so what? Everyone reacts different to ideas and ways of handling things out. Someone may like what your ideas are the second time around. Everyone needs a second chance. Go for it.
  • Relax and calm yourself down
    Before a presentation or a speech find a quiet place, preferably outside. Take a breath of fresh air and try to relax because stress is something you do not want in these types of situations. The more relaxed you are, the better you will perform in that specific presentation.
  • Become comfortable by being uncomfortable
    Do you want to be better at pitching presentations? Do more of them. Do you want to be relieved by social anxiety? Talk to more people. Do you want to sell more of your services or products? Start talking about them to more people. This is probably the hardest tip but is also the one that will make you confident enough to do whatever you want. Plus you can use it in all areas that requires confidence. At first it’s going to be hard of course, but afterwards you will be glad you did it. It’s the one that helped me have more positive thoughts than negative ones as it helped me to be secure within myself, which removed any doubts or fears I had of being around others. It helped me with my shyness, with talking to people in general, and presenting myself of what I have to offer.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Are you a confident person? If not- What is the reason for that? Will you try the above tips and become more confident on facing your own challenges?