Until now we mentioned plenty of great podcasts on productivity and entrepreneurship. For this article I wanted to suggest a few of my favourite sources on fitness. However this time it’s not gonna be a podcast list. Instead, is going to be a list of fitness YouTube channels that I find resourceful.

Let’s kick-start the list with one of the most viewed channel. The host, Jeff Cavaliere, is a certified physician and fitness expert that helped many pro athletes reach their potential. In his channel talks and demonstrates all kinds of resistance training, injuries and how to avoid them, the proper forms of exercises and also gives nutrition advice. As his tagline states, he shows people how to train like athletes. So if you want to reach your peak performance, then Jeff is your guy.

GMB Fitness
The last 2-3 years the GMB’s website got really famous in the fitness world and especially when it has to do with bodyweight training. Ryan C. Hurst, a former gymnast and the rest of the team which are all fitness professionals with different expertise combine their knowledge to bring you a lot of great and free stuff to learn. Through videos, articles, podcast episodes and programs they give you the tools to improve the way you move and control your body. This channel is the perfect choice when it comes down to motor skills, mobility and flexibility.

Official Barstarzz
One of the first calisthenics teams created, and probably the most famous one. These guys show the world how amazing that form of exercising is, with their street workout tricks and exercises. Except the cool moves they give tips on learning calisthenics moves and also recommend a few great bodyweight workouts. They were one of the channels that inspired me to start our own YouTube channel. Check out their community and what they do.

Bar Brothers Official
Another well-known channel that was also a big inspiration of mine. The founders, Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic started the community that became a worldwide movement and now they have representatives probably in every single country. These guys are jacked and they show you that you can do that by using only your bodyweight. Their channel includes some awesome motivational videos demonstrating true power, bodyweight workout routines and tutorials. If you are looking to improve your strength and power through bodyweight, then this is the channel you need.

Functional Patterns
As you probably have guessed this channel is purely about functional training. The founder and host of the brand is Naudi Aguilar. First I have to warn you. If you are a Crossfitter you won’t like this channel because it shows how bad Crossfit is for your body and the functionality of it. However if it doesn’t bother you and/or you like functional training, then you will love this channel. The videos include mma training, core workouts, strength and conditioning, pain management exercises and of course anything that has to do with functional exercises.

Fit Media Channel
Anything related to fitness can be found in here. From body building to calisthenics to cross-training. In every episode of this channel, the host is either a famous fitness expert or an upcoming talent in the fitness industry who talks about a specific type of training. In some videos they show you their workout routines, in others the competitions they participated in and in others just simply inspire you with their personal achievements. If you care about aesthetics in general this is your go-to channel.

Those are my 6 favourite fitness YouTube channels alongside many others. They have a bit of everything in my opinion, whether you need to learn something new about fitness or just get motivated to work out and create the body of your dreams. But as we said many of times, action is what matters the most. Start doing something, any of these.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Do you watch any of these fitness YouTube channels? Can you suggest a few more? Which one is your favourite channel? What type of training do you use?