There are going to be times that you run out of ideas on what to do next. You have created all the content ideas you had in mind and you don’t know what you should write or talk about now. Even your list of ideas that you have written before is out of stock. What do you do then?

Don’t worry about it. There is nothing wrong with you and it doesn’t mean you have lost your inspiration. All of us go through this phase and not just once. It’s difficult sometimes to come up with ideas, especially if you are creating content for 2-3 times a week. However there are a few ways that can help you find your next blog post or video.


Stressing out and/or forcing yourself to find an idea is what makes you uncreative. Stop pressuring your brain to think. It’s like torturing your brain to do something. Instead find a quiet place to meditate or just have a few deep breaths. You can also go for a walk. Parks and forests are the best choice. The reason is that the green colour from trees refreshes and relaxes you. When you relax, ideas will flow through without even trying.

The Life Upgrades - Relax


Have a notebook
Carry one on you all the time. Even when your sleeping have it next to your bed. As we said above, doing something else or simply relaxing helps your brain to find ideas. I can tell you from experience that the best thing I ever did was carrying a notebook on me all the time. There were so many times that I had an awesome idea without expecting it and I wrote it down so that I didn’t forget it afterwards. After all, the great inventor Leonardo Da Vinci also used to do it.

The Life Upgrades - Notebook


Read, listen, watch
Plenty of ways to learn about something you already know or even something new. Reading books or articles, listening to audiobooks or podcasts and watching videos or documentaries/series on TV. In today’s world there are so many people and stuff to learn from. Even a small sentence that someone says can give you an idea for a whole article to write. Expand it, add your personal touch and do any changes needed to make it even greater. In the process you will enjoy coming up with that idea because you were studying about something that you love and might also learn something new in the end.


Talk to people
Don’t you like studying in general? Are you a social person? Then just go out and meet people. Or hang out with friends and family. Talk about their new interests and what they have experienced lately that was possibly exciting. Have conversations about anything you like and/or about stuff which are included within your niche. By meeting new people, you can also change your perspective of how you see things and how you think about something. Who knows? These people might help you out with what you do or with a big project you wanted to create. Lastly you get to make new friends and interesting connections.


Improve old content
Sometimes you don’t even need to find new ideas. Go back to the old content and improve it. Either update it or make a whole new one. If you’re gonna choose the second way, then explain your new way of thinking about that subject but make sure to stay authentic with your old way of thinking. Don’t create something completely different. Your followers continue to follow you because they got used to your personality and values. Do NOT forget and ruin that.

The Life Upgrades - Improve old content

These 5 ways will give you plenty of new ideas to continue creating new amazing content without trying to be someone else I’m sure of that. They helped me a numerous amount of times and also for future ideas. I even thought about 2-3 more subjects to write about.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Are you having trouble coming up with new ideas? Did these methods help you out? Which one is your favourite? Can you suggest more ideas?

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