We have previously discussed what people are always searching for, the connection with other human beings. Whether they are craving love from their significant other or caring from their friends, this is exactly the same thing. Without these connections we get depressed and therefore sick. However there are cases that make you not want any type of connection. How can you deal with those cases and the toxic people around you?

The Life Upgrades - Toxic Relationships

First of all, why are these cases happening? All of us have at least one person in mind that we dislike or even hate. Others have a whole list. We can’t like everyone because we are different to each other. It might be an annoying person that you met the other day who keeps bothering you because he doesn’t understand that you don’t like his/her companionship. It might be your cocky coworker who thinks that he is the best at work and doesn’t realize that everyone thinks otherwise. It might be a relative that you can’t stand for some reason. You probably now understand what I’m talking to you about and thought of that person straight away and why you have all these negative thoughts about him/her. Usually this will not change, even if that person does something good for you because you have already created a bad image in your head about him/her. However you still have to respond back when he/she talks to you or says something that annoys you. How can you deal with that?

The Life Upgrades - Annoying Woman
  • If someone at work keeps telling you that you are not doing your job right or keeps pressuring you with stupid things then there’s a way to respond. Do your job as good as possible and let him talk by himself and don’t listen to his demands. If you weren’t good enough you wouldn’t be there in the first place. Therefore you know that’s the correct thing to do. Just keep doing what you do best.
  • If you attend an event or gathering then try to avoid that person as much as possible without showing that of course. Talk to others and have fun. Even if he joins your group discussion just be friendly and talk to him when it’s necessary depending on the discussion. Just think positively and how much fun you are having with the rest of people.
The Life Upgrades - Eye Roll
  • If that person comments on your appearance or performance on something that you have done, then you shouldn’t even be bothered. Why should you? He will probably say something mean and hurtful because you dislike each other and his opinion is not important to you anyways. You should listen to the people who’s opinions matter to you. The ones who love you and encourage you. And when something doesn’t feel right to them they will tell you that negative thought, but in a good way.
  • If you have to talk with him for a while then do so and try to act normal. Answer back without giving any hints that you hate him and try to end the conversation in a quick but not suspicious way. If you would like to learn a few ways that will give him clues to end the discussion via subtle body language, then read our article here.
The Life Upgrades - Stay calm
  • If all the above happens and you had to have a conversation with that person for a while then probably you will be angry, bored or both. You can remove yourself from the room to have a few deep breaths and calm yourself down. Happy thoughts can help a lot too. In the worst case scenario go in the toilet or somewhere private and meditate for 5-10 minutes. It’s something small that will give you big results back. Then you can re-join the party feeling well and refreshed.

Use these ways and you will notice the difference. All of us had and will have situations like that with toxic people we dislike. By reacting and showing them that they bother you gives them pleasure. In that way they can control your emotions and that gives them power over you. Think before you react, respond in a pleasant way and take everything out while you are alone. They will be the ones to hate you afterwards.

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