A few months ago I listed my Top 7 Entrepreneurship Podcasts. Because there are so many great podcasts about entrepreneurship I had to create a second list with 5 more. Everyday new ones are being created and that’s why I’m going to suggest you more today. So here’s the new list.

Online Marketing Made Easy
When it comes down to Facebook marketing there isn’t one I could trust more. The host of this show is Amy Porterfield. She is an author and expert on online marketing and Facebook marketing. Through her blog and podcast teaches people on how to use Facebook for business purposes effectively and makes everything easy. Except from that you will learn more about blogging, growing an email list, content marketing; social media in general and many more. Sometimes she interviews other experts about their expertise and sometimes she gives valuable and actionable advice.

Become A Problogger
Even the name says it. Darren Rowse has 2 successful blogs. One about photography and one about blogging. I’m interested in the one about blogging and that’s why I started listening to his podcast too. He is considered one of the best blogger in the world and that’s why he is a great source of information. In his podcast you get to hear his advice on things related to blogging, online marketing and content creation. In some episodes he talks with other experts too but most of the times he explains everything down to its core so that the listeners understand what to do and why to do it in order to create a better and more engaging blog.

The Side Hustle Show
That’s the perfect podcast for every entrepreneur. The reason for that is because it has a little bit of everything. The host, Nick Loper, sometimes gives his insights about his experience on being an entrepreneur and having a passive income, but he mostly interviews other entrepreneurs. In his show you will listen to bloggers, online marketers, investors, authors, programmers and more. You will learn how to start a business whether you want it to be a physical or digital one. Also they explain step-by-step what you need to do and share their wisdom on the matter. So I’m sure you will find something that interests you.

Build Your Tribe
Another public figure in the internet world, Chalene Johnson, is well-known for many things. She is an author and fitness professional. She also has an academy that teaches people how to be successful, a life coaching podcast, a program which teaches people how to be confident and the list goes on. The one that I’m most familiar with though is “build your tribe” podcast. In this show she talks and interviews people on online marketing, social media, email list building, growing a business, branding, virtual communities and creating a passive income. As you can see there is a lot to learn from her and that’s why you need to check her show/shows out.

The School Of Self-Mastery
We gonna finish off the list with one more online public figure, Adrienne Dorison. The hostess of this show is a financial and business expert. In her show she gives her point of you and also talks with other guests. This podcast has to do with money, business in general, and even self-mastery to create a better life. She will teach you how to have success in your life, manage your finances and have the life you always dreamed of. The best thing about this show is the approach toward these matters, which is actionable and easy-to-follow steps.

There you have it. Another 5 amazing and informative podcasts if you want to step up your entrepreneurship game. Now you have more resources to learn from. But don’t forget that it’s not about just learning from experts, it’s about implementing those steps. So start doing.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: What are your thoughts on the list? Are you listening to these podcasts? If not- Will you start now? What entrepreneurship podcasts are you listening to? Which one is your favourite?