Another year went by and it’s like something new starts. We will have a New Year with new experiences, new opportunities and new people to meet. There will also be ups and downs like every year. That’s life. But did you ever think what you can do to make each year even better than the one before?

Probably you are thinking about New Year’s resolutions. No, I’m not talking about that and I will explain why. Most people wait for the end of the year to write down their New Year’s resolution and they think that will make their life better next year. It’s the same thing if you are thinking of doing something and not doing it. In the end most of them don’t do anything. Then they are sad because they didn’t lose weight or get the job that always wanted or had the trip that they always dreamed of. If you need to make changes in your life then you need to create good habits, which we talked about them in depth before. For this article I just want to make you recall everything and make better choices for yourself and your loved ones.

Trying to make the future better doesn’t mean that you also have to think about the past years as nothing or bad memories because you might have had some bad experiences or some things you were expecting didn’t happen. You need to cherish and be grateful of everything that happened during the past year/years, both bad and good moments. Good moments don’t need explanation. As for the bad ones you need to be happy that you had them because you learned lessons from them and from those lessons you became stronger mentally and physically to all kinds of events or news. More over think of all the great moments you had with family members, friends, spouses and coworkers. How amazing did you feel at those moments because you had those people in your life? Be grateful you had them and you still do this year that just came.

The Life Upgrades - Happy People are greatful

When you are really grateful for everything you have in your life you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • What did I achieve the past year?
  • What great people did I meet the past year?
  • What were the best memories I had the past year?
  • What bad things did I do the past year?
  • What good things did I do the past year?
  • Did I help at least 10 people who needed my help the past year?

Resolutions force yourself to do things that you don’t want to do. But thinking of these questions will make you think about the actions you took and the ones you didn’t. In that way your subconscious mind thinks reasons that will drive yourself towards those better choices in the future.

The Life Upgrades - Resolutions

After having your reasons to change a few things this year, acting on that will be much easier. You won’t even need to write down goals that you need to do. You will start creating those changes without noticing because you will try to improve your character and feel good about yourself by doing these things.

So stop writing down New Year’s resolutions as most people do and start thinking how to be a better version of you this year. Time passes and we don’t have much. Also stop holding grudges against people. You will be sad and might not get a chance to say how much they mean to you. Make sure to spend your time wisely each day with the most important people in your life and striving toward the life you have in mind.

Turn off the electronic devices and have fun by connecting with real people. Technology will always be there, but we won’t. Have fun; enjoy holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

The Life Upgrades - Merry Christmas and Happy New year

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