Summer is almost here and I’m sure most of you are trying to build that perfectly symmetrical beach-body. Even though it’s not possible to get that body within month or so, here are a few workout methods to get some ideas on how to get faster results.

First and foremost let me remind you that in order to build a great physique, the most important element is your diet. If you don’t have a healthy lifestyle then you are going to have a really hard time losing fat. You can at least change a few unhealthy foods and snacks that you are currently eating and substitute them with healthier choices. It’s really not that hard unlike most people are claiming.

Now let’s continue with the good stuff. Everyone wants a six-pack or at least a flat belly. Here are two bodyweight workouts, one on the floor and one on the bars. For most of you these workouts might be hard, so use simpler versions of these exercises and/or have more rest. You can even incorporate some of these exercises in your ab workouts:

Next we have the arm workout for the boys. Every guy wants to have big guns and most ladies love that on a man. In this exercise method you will use machines and free weights combined in supersets:

Lastly we have something for the ladies. Who doesn’t want to have a round booty? Here’s another calisthenics workout to build up those glute muscles:

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Even if you don’t like these workouts at least you will get some ideas on how to mix-up your own workouts. Don’t forget to eat clean and you will see progress on your body.

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