Last month we talked about a few tips on how to become more attractive towards others. Different ways can drastically improve your chances of getting people to be attracted to you. This time let’s talk about a few ways on how to be more likeable and friendlier so that you can just simply have fun and meet new people.

  • Openness
    This one was also discussed in the other article. Of course you can’t expect people to speak to you if your body language shows you are not interested in meeting anyone. Have a good posture with a straight back and open arms/legs instead of crossing them in front of you. Smile, make eye contact and don’t sit in the corner. Go, talk to people and introduce yourself.
  • Listen more, talk less
    You’re definitely not going to act like your deaf or anything, but try not to over-do the talking. People like it when others listen to them. Listen to their stories and go with the flow. Let them introduce themselves, express their thoughts and join the conversation. When they ask you stuff of course you are going to answer. Don’t make it too detailed and keep it simple. No one likes to hear about the achievements someone has all night long, it’s frustrating and very off-putting.
The Life Upgrades - Talk less, listen more
  • Be interesting
    There is also a chance of people not liking your communication skills when you do talk. People love story-telling, so use that if you have good stories to tell. If you don’t have good ones at least have some humour, don’t be that boring person by saying the same things as everybody else does like “What do you do for living?” Be that fun person that people want to be around and avoid the small talk.
  • Forget about these
    Apart from the previous bullet point, there are also another 3 subjects that must be avoided at all costs. These are politics, religion and sports. I know most of you like to talk about these things but it can destroy a friendly conversation with someone instantly. Everybody has their own opinions on these topics and you simply cannot change them. Therefore at some point when you disagree with each other things will heat up and you might even end up fighting.
The Life Upgrades - Argument
  • Be open-minded
    Last but certainly not least you need to be open-minded. Everyone is raised differently through factors such as culture, family traditions, friends and many more. It’s normal obviously to have different ways of thinking for anything and everything. Don’t be quick to judge the other person for what he believes in or what decisions he took in his/her lifetime. There must be a reason for that so have an open mind. Try to understand what that person went through and what he/she did. You can even add your own opinion if you want in a subtle way and you might even learn something new and exciting from that person. Plus he/she will appreciate the fact you did not judge him/her like others did and will return the favour by listening your story with an open mind afterwards.
The Life Upgrades - Open minded

These are pretty easy tips to use, right? You just need to listen to other people with an open mind and hear them out instead of trying to convince them to think like you do. In the long run you will earn yourself great friends who will be there for you in good and bad times.

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