We have mentioned in the past a few places where you can go to meet people, and places where not to meet people with specific reasons why. Now as summer is officially here there are certain places which you can only visit during summer time. Who doesn’t want to go out in the summer to meet new people?

However in this article, I will not add any places where you shouldn’t go to meet people. The reason for that is everyone goes to these places to have fun by enjoying the summer with friends and strangers alike.


You probably guessed it from the moment you noticed the word summer written in the article. The temperature is rising and everyone is feeling hot. So where’s the best place to feel refreshed? Obviously the beach. You can meet all kinds of people there. From young to old and from one nationality to another. There is no age, gender, race or any other type of restrictions. Also everyone feels less stressed about what they should wear or what they physically look like.

The Life Upgrades - Meet people, beach

Beach/Pool parties

I know the previous point was about the beach. However beach or pool parties are like normal parties but instead of visiting a venue, you meet people at the beach or the pool. Thus I consider them as parties. Plus they are organized at during the evening. Like every other party you hang out with your friends and some other people who know the host. Everyone enjoys a drink, listens to the music, dance with their friends and even play all kinds of games if you prefer. Don’t overdo the drinking because you might get drunk and extremely sick.

The Life Upgrades - Pool Party


Another great place to feel refreshed from the hot weather and have fun whilst doing it. You can get to know many people because they visit waterparks as groups. It’s probably the best place for any tourist in summer time. Therefore you will meet local and foreign people. The atmosphere is exciting and everyone is positive. So it will not be hard to talk to people especially when you ask a question about a specific water slide or something like that. If you don’t like sand or can’t have fun at the beach because of leaving your belongings on the sun-beds, then water-parks are the perfect choice for you. You can even find snack bars, restaurants and kiosks. Plenty of options to choose from.

The Life Upgrades - Waterparks

Summer is great. Most people love it because of its weather. You can go out whenever you want without worrying about the rain or even worse weather conditions. Also you have more places to visit and get to know new people.

You probably had those ideas in your mind and already visited a few of them. However make sure you don’t overdo it with exposing yourself to the sun and also use sun cream all the time, even when you go for a coffee or shopping.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Did you visit these places already? If yes – which places did you visit? Do you prefer beaches or pools? Did you meet any interesting people at any of the places?