There are plenty of fitness myths out there; however there is one that stands out from the others because people discuss it a lot and they are concerned too much about it. That myth is the one that makes people worry that if they work out with weights or any other resistance workouts before losing their excess fat with cardio, then that fat will become muscle and stay there forever.

The Life Upgrades - Turning Fat to Muscle Myth

Let’s make it clear from the beginning. IT’S WRONG PEOPLE. Don’t worry; I will explain the reason too. The reason is that they are two different things. Fat is stored energy from carbohydrates that wasn’t used in any sort of activity and had to go somewhere, therefore it transformed into fat. The only thing it does, is sitting there waiting for you to use it. On the other hand, muscle is an active tissue made up of protein. It keeps working all the time burning calories, even while you are sleeping. That is why when someone wants to get ripped; he needs to include a lot of protein and fewer carbohydrates in his diet. That is what muscle and fat look like. Do they look the same to you?

The Life Upgrades - Fat vs Muscle

Here comes another big matter that is more common among the ladies. Most women think that if they use weight training will bulk up like a body builder. That is not only wrong but completely the opposite. Many studies showed that with weight training you lose more fat than you do with cardio. Also weight training burns fat for a few hours after the workout. Body builders get big for many reasons. They have a different training system that fatigues the muscles and while going the extra mile of not stopping they grow bigger. They have different diets for bulking up. They use supplements that help with their training because is exhausting and even most of them use steroids, which is not natural for the body. So you get the picture. Right?

The Life Upgrades - Weight Lifting

Start working out with weight training while eating healthy and you will lose the fat while at the same time you are going to build lean building muscle. Do not stop using cardio though, because it has other benefits but make sure that the biggest part of your training is weight training.

Since we are talking about muscle-building, I want to talk about another issue. There is a big percentage of people who workout only the upper body or the lower body. Men think that if someone has big arms, puffy chest and enormous back, then that guy has the perfect body. That is why they do not bother working out their legs and just exercise the upper body. Hence the saying “Never skip legs day” was created. Check out this body builder. Pretty disgusting, don’t you think?

The Life Upgrades - Bodybuilder

On the other hand women do the same mistake but in the exact opposite way than men do. They think that if they have nice legs and huge, round ass like Brazilian women do naturally, then they look sexy and hot. Therefore they leave out the upper body or might do some cardio to lose weight from the whole body and that’s it. They do almost nothing for the upper parts. They only exercise the lower body. That’s a nice example to get an idea what they look like. Do you see the big difference between lower and upper body? Massive legs with very small arms and waist.

The Life Upgrades - Lower Body

Both cases are stupid and pointless. What is the big picture of working out?? The reasons people workout are to feel and be healthier whilst looking more aesthetic. If the proportions of the body do not balance with each other because half of the body is larger than the other half, then you don’t have a nice body. Also you will have health problems. For example if your upper body gets too big, your legs cannot support your body. Because of these and many more problems, you must not skip legs day nor neglect exercising the upper body. It’s simple, train your whole body. Recovery is even easier that way. Train the upper body one day and the next day train the lower body while the upper is recovering.

When you start following these principles and stop listening to all those myths about fat and muscle you will have a better physique instead of looking like a weirdo. Also you will not have trouble finding clothes that fit to your body because you will have normal proportions.

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