Each day scientists and engineers all around the world convert their ideas into reality. They create new medicines and new ways to perceive the world. They do make our lives easier of course, but most of the time misery is the main outcome instead of happiness. Worrying and thinking about problems is a very common thing. Read the article about minimalism and you will find out why. Now for the time being we will go through a few tips on how to feel positive, sometimes even instantly.

Start thinking critically

As soon as we have a problem we naturally start panicking. However that makes things even worse, instead of helping us out. Think critically and ask yourself these questions in this order to find a way to fight the problem: “What’s the problem?”, “What caused the problem?”, “Can I do anything about it?”, if yes – “What can I do?”. By using these questions I’m 100% sure you removed at least half of the problems from within your life. If you didn’t yet then move to next the step.

The Life Upgrades - Critical Thinking

Stop worrying

If nothing changes according to your needs just stop worrying because it can kill you, seriously. I know it’s something we all hear a lot and it’s really hard to do but the events have already happened. If something cannot be changed by you and you don’t like changing your attitude towards it, nothing else can be done. Therefore accept it, learn your lesson from it and move on. Taking it as a lesson makes it an asset to your character and choices because it makes you stronger and you know how to handle that situation in the future.

Hangout with important people

Everyone loves being around people who are special to him/her. You need those people. Most of the time just by sitting down and having a talk with them without doing anything else are more than you can ask for. Moreover you enjoy being around them because they make you laugh and you have a good time together. The best memories were and will be created with them. So invite them over during good and bad times and your mood will change in a positive way.

The Life Upgrades - Friends hanging out

Do something that you love

Find something that excites you and makes you feel alive whilst doing it. Some great examples are playing an instrument, reading a book, extreme sports or even exercising. You can find more great ideas in this article. Don’t be competitive though because you just want to feel that euphoria of going through the process. The purpose of this tip is to feel joy for doing those specific activities.

Be grateful

Repeat this tip when you wake up, before you go to sleep and when you feel down because you don’t have something materialistic. Be grateful for everything you already have in life. Start with your health, family and friends. You will appreciate the small things and you will not expect more from others. Gratitude has the power to make you really happy for being who you are and who/what do you have in your life. Therefore you live every moment of your life to the fullest.

Start smiling on purpose

A scientific research on smiling showed that as emotions create our body language, so does our body language, it shapes our emotions. What does that mean? It means that by smiling for a few minutes you will feel happier because the muscles around the mouth created the movement which makes you actually feel happy. So start smiling and you will feel much better at some point.

The Life Upgrades - Smile, girl

Becoming and staying positive all the time is a hard task. Trust me, I could never stay positive years ago. However with practice like everything else I have noticed a huge difference. The above tips helped me a lot on having positivity in my life and as a result I enjoy the ride most of the time instead of worrying about pointless stuff. Try out some of these tips and you will see the impact they have on you and your life.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Are you a positive or negative person? Do you normally use these tips? If not- Will you start using them now? Do you have any other tips to suggest?