Travelling around the world is exciting but also a bummer when packing your stuff. There are so many things that you need to take with you. How many times did you forget at least something for a journey? I hate when that happens, that’s why I always make a list so that I don’t forget anything.

If you had the same experience over and over again here’s the list of the most important items you must have with you. For some people few things might not be crucial and some other things that I didn’t list they are. Everyone’s needs are different.

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Identity documents

First of all depending on where you are travelling to, you need your identity documents. Those can be ID cards, Passports and Visas to name few. However preferably carry all of them because every country asks for different identity documents than others. Without the one they ask you to show, you can’t go anywhere because they need to verify that is you. Also if something happens while you are at that country is the only way you can show them who you really are. Make sure you don’t forget any of these.


This one goes without saying. You can’t travel somewhere without a piece of paper stating where you are going. It also tells you the flight you need to take and the time you have to be there. That’s why you need to be on time too. They won’t wait for you. So hurry up and be prepared.


I always have this one on my top 3 things list when I leave from home, with my keys and mobile phone. But I’m going to talk about the mobile phone later on and for my keys I make sure to leave them at a same place when I’m leaving for a trip. That’s my opinion though. Now about the wallet, you never know when you are going to need money and especially if you are travelling. Of course you need to have a few hundreds on you, depending on your stay.Water: The body always needs to be hydrated. An average person can’t live without water after 3 days. Make sure to always have a small bottle of water with you especially if you are visiting a place with dry and hot climate.

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The body always needs to be hydrated. An average person can’t live without water after 3 days. Make sure to always have a small bottle of water with you especially if you are visiting a place with dry and hot climate.


Except water your body also needs food to work properly. Without food you won’t have energy to do anything and then many health problems follow. Always eat a meal when your body needs it. If you leave the place you are staying for many hours, take with you a sandwich and/or few snacks like protein bars for example.

Clothes and underwear

According to the number of days travelling, you will need clothes for every occasion and also clean underwear for every single day. On the other hand try to minimize the number of clothes so that your bag can carry more things. It won’t be a problem if you wear a T-shirt twice.

Toiletry bag

Hygiene is very important. Carry a toiletry bag with you, filled with everything you need. That includes shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, any kind of lotions you are using, cosmetics, shaving cream and razors, perfume and hair brush. These are the most common ones. Every person according to his/her lifestyle will have different things or not everything from the above.

First aid kit

Danger is always possible and you never know when it’s going to happen to you. These kits have everything needed if something happens. If a serious emergency occurs then contact the local hospital immediately.

Electronic devices and accessories

Emergencies, business and entertainment take part in this category. Mobile phones are the easiest way to call someone for help, so make sure to have it always on you. Furthermore laptops and tablets can help you with your business or for having fun while waiting for your arrival to a destination. iPod and other devices are good for listening to music and more. Don’t forget the chargers or anything else needed for them to work.

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Guidebook and map

Last but not least a guidebook and a map will be your only guides if you don’t have anyone to move around with you. They will show you the right ways you need to take and what to expect at the places you are visiting. However if you do have someone to help you, then these two are optional.

When you pack your things up and tick the most important items from your list you feel more relieved. So list down these 10 items and anything else that is important to you. When the time comes for you to travel use it and make sure you won’t forget anything behind.

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