In this fast-paced business world anyone who considers his/herself a serious entrepreneur stays up to date with new products, services and ideas around his niche. There are many podcasts for entrepreneurs and everyone likes different ones. This is my top 7 list and the reasons why.

Entrepreneur On Fire
Since the list is about entrepreneurs this one had to be the first. It’s considered one of the most famous ones and awarded Best of iTunes. The owners are John Lee Dumas and his wife, Kate Erickson. In their main podcast John interviews every single day a well-known entrepreneur like Seth Godin, Barbara Corcoran and Brian Tracy about his/her entrepreneurial journey. They also have another podcast for motivational quotes and one in which Kate shares advice.

Smart Passive Income
Another one that is highly recommended by many and has a high ranking with over 15 million downloads. Pat Flynn is the host of the show and helps people create (yes you guessed it) passive income. He interviews other great entrepreneurs, talks about strategies on how to write an amazing blog and book, talks about marketing tips and anything related to online business and of course how to create an awesome podcast.

The Tim Ferriss Show
For most people (including myself) is recognized as the ultimate entrepreneur. The reason for that is because he has 2 No. 1 New York Times bestsellers, 1 No.1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, he is a successful angel investor and advisor for well-known start-ups like Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, StumbleUpon and Shopify. Also he is a philanthropist, public speaker and famous human guinea pig who experiments in different things on how to have the perfect lifestyle. In his podcast he interviews world-class performers and entrepreneurs about their tricks and gives his advice too.

The School Of Greatness
This podcast is hosted by Lewis Howes. He used to be a professional football athlete and because of an injury his career changed direction. He became a lifestyle entrepreneur and an author. Every day his podcast gets more subscribers and it’s because of his personality. He is a fun, motivational and authentic guy that’s helps people find their inner greatness. He interviews inspiring entrepreneurs and every Friday for 5 minutes gives a motivational speech about a specific subject.

Go For Launch
Another very informative and fun to hear podcast. This show is hosted by Brandon Uttley, who has another 4 businesses except the podcast under his belt and shares his knowledge with other entrepreneurs. His goal is to give you the tools and tips needed no matter what type of entrepreneur you might be, to start and grow your business. He also talks about marketing, sales and finances related to business. Short episodes with great lessons, so check it out.

Addicted 2 Success
This one got quite famous with over 57 million worldwide views. The host of the show is Joel Brown, an entrepreneur and life design coach. In every episode he interviews a successful entrepreneur or life coach or celebrity from around the world. Joel wants to inspire and motivate you about entrepreneurship, personal development and success by listening to the best.

Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle 2.0
Last but not least is a podcast that I started listening to it recently and I love it. This one is kinda different from the others. It’s hosted by Markado Escano and he always interviews Peter Voogd, who is a mentor, speaker and successful serial entrepreneur. Their episodes are mostly 10-20 minutes long and each time they discuss about a specific skill or a problem that every entrepreneur might face. They provide advice and strategies that work in order to create the perfect lifestyle combining your business and your life.

That’s my list from where I get my inspiration and ideas on becoming a better entrepreneur every single day. I hope you liked it, if you aren’t already listening to these podcasts. Give them a try to broaden your horizons. I’m sure you will love them. If you need more check out the article about 5 more entrepreneurship podcasts.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: What are your thoughts on the list? Are you listening to these podcasts? If not- Will you start now? What entrepreneurship podcasts are you listening to? Which one is your favorite?