Those that have close friends cannot leave without them and those that do not, are in desperate need on having some. Why are friends so crucial in our lives? What are some of the reasons why we love having them in our lives?

Like we said in the article of making a relationship last, human beings need to have people they love in their lives. Love can also be in the form of a friendship. Any kind of bonding is a primal feature of survival for people. Otherwise we feel lonely because we don’t have anyone that we can talk with, that understands us.

However I’m not talking about friends that we talk with them every few years or we know nothing about them except their name and what they do for a living. I’m talking about really close friends that we hang out with them for years. Psychologists say that a really close and trusted friendship is created after 7 years of being close with that person. Now let’s talk about the benefits of having those kinds of friends in our lives:

  • Loneliness
    As we said above if we don’t have them most of the time we will fill lonely. How many times did you feel like that before having them? Or how many times did you feel like that when they had to leave for a vacation or a business trip? It’s awful right?
  • You choose them
    They say: “You don’t choose your relatives but you choose your friends.” And that’s true. Your uncles, aunts and cousins are decided for you from the moment you are born and you can’t do anything about it if you dislike them. But your friends, you are the one that chooses them. Your interests and personalities bring you closer through the years and at some point onwards the bonding starts to get stronger every day.
The Life Upgrades - Charles Darwin quote
  • Same interests
    You have someone to talk and try your hobbies and interests with. People have different tastes about anything but for some people their interests are the same or at least similar. That’s why you like hanging out with your friends because they understand you fully.
  • You trust them
    Through the difficulties that you will face your real friends will be there for you. Because of that you start trusting them more and your bonding becomes stronger. When you will trust them enough, you will even tell them your deepest and darkest secrets because you know that they won’t tell anyone and you feel that you can be vulnerable around them.
  • They’re always there for you
    Whenever you feel sad or disappoint with something or someone you know who to call. They are always by your side to listen to your problems because they care about you and your well-being. Also they will try to help you feel better and find ways to remove those problems from your life.
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  • Help with decisions
    There going to be times that you have to make life-changing decisions and you can’t decide which one is the best option for you. You can ask your friends for their opinions. They will be happy to help you out and best of all they will be honest with you because they know you well enough and they want the best for you.
  • Motivation
    Whether your goals are fitness, business or anything else, at some point you will need some inspiration to keep going. Your friends will find the motivation that you need and they will keep encouraging you. They will even hold you accountable by telling you what works and what needs adjustments.
  • No hard feelings
    Most of the times there is no fighting between you and when you do fight, you just argue for a while, you shout at each other because you feel angry at the moment and that’s it. Next day it would feel like nothing happened. You might fight for something but you can’t stay mad at each other, even for a banana heh.
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  • Words aren’t necessary
    You spend so many hours with them that your gut tells you if your friends feel sad or happy about something the moment you see them. You don’t need to talk to understand their feelings because your bond is so strong. It’s another reason why are the ones that understand you completely.
  • You socialize more
    You know some great people and your friends know some more. So when you go out or at a party you get to meet more exciting people from your friends. Who knows? You might even get to meet your next client, spouse or business partner.
  • You always have fun
    Sometimes you do the stupidest things ever and you still have a lot of fun. You can’t explain why but whatever that is that you do and wherever you do it, in the end you feel happy and amazing. You might even stay at home watching TV and still manage to have a good time. They will always make you laugh.

For those that they think that everyone they know are their real friends, think again. These kinds of friends are a small number and you know who they are. Of course keep hanging around with other friends and colleagues but never forget your closest friends. And the reasons above are just a few to name.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Do you agree with the reasons above? What other qualities do your friends bring on the table? How many years are you friends with them? Can you suggest more reasons why you love your friends?