Last week I wrote an article on 20 things men do that women hate because the two sexes think and express themselves in a very different way. So it was only fair to do the same this week about 20 most common things ladies do, which are the reasons why guys become furious at them. Therefore you will also know what changes you need to consider.

Don't over-react with everything. Most of the times men don't think the consequences of their actions. Instead try to explain to him what he did wrong and discuss the solution.

Don't take him with you for shopping. No, he doesn't like it even though he says otherwise.

The Life Upgrades - Shopping

If you want to buy him a gift that will make him really happy then buy something that he loves. Car collection, video games, new PlayStation or Xbox, tickets of an awesome football or boxing match etc.

When he goes out with his buddies for a drink or they stay at home watching a football match just leave them alone and don't distract them. It means a lot to him.

Don't think or say bad things about his friends. Unlike women, men have a special bond between them. They are like brothers; therefore you need to respect that. Of course you can't make him choose between you and them or stop seeing them. Really big mistake.

Stop blaming him for something that he did months or years before. You either stop or just break up. That makes your relationship unhealthy.

Most men don't care about details in general. Try to help him out. For example show him what he needs to wear that makes him look more handsome.

Don't be a drama queen. Don't take everything so seriously and cry all the time. Even the most patient guys will get bored of you at some point and leave you.

Don't take so much time to get prepared. Of course he loves it when you look sexy for him, but be quicker. By taking ages to dress you kill his mood for the night.

The Life Upgrades - Waiting for her

Guys are not good with love stuff and being cute. It's not in our DNAs. You might look cute with your actions but don't expect much from him and shout at him if he doesn't put effort in it.

Don't use too much make-up. Believe me, having too much make-up on is worse than having no make-up at all. We prefer seeing the natural part of you. We don't want to wake up next to a different person.

Don't show too much skin. Wear more decent clothes. If you are single then it's ok. But now you are with him and he doesn't want others seeing what his wife or girlfriend has.

Stop talking about your ex and certainly hanging out with him. He is not your best friend since you broke up. You still have feelings for him and at some point they will grow more.

Stop giving him the silent treatment. Sit down and talk to him about what he did that got you mad at him so he can fix it.

Be more sensual, open-minded and spontaneous. Men like it when women try to seduce them or try new stuff in bed. Use your imagination and try anything at any time.

Men should pay for dates, gifts and plenty more. However don't act like a queen. He tries to make you happy and he barely can afford a nice dinner for you. Don't expect what celebrities get.

Stop saying yes if you want to say no and vice versa. He is not a psychic to guess what you really want. Tell him the truth.

Don't compare him with any of your exes. Men hate that because it destroys their ego.

Stop ordering take-away and learn to cook. He got used to the delicious foods of his mother.

Try to not have fights with his mother or say things about her. Even if she doesn't like you, just don't. He loves her as much as you love your father.

The Life Upgrades - Mother in law

Always be more patient with your man and try to talk to him about what is bothering you, instead of shouting at him or not talking at all, especially if it’s not his fault. Also show respect for the people and things he loves and that will mean a lot to him.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Are you considering making the appropriate changes? Do you find these tips helpful? Did you see any positive progress in your partner’s behaviour because of these changes? Do you have any other suggestions?