Most people have hard time improving their style for two reasons. Either because they don’t know how to match their clothes or the price of clothes is too high and they also have to buy new stuff every season, which they can’t afford. However there are ways that can help you out and make your life easier on that matter.

The Life Upgrades - Dress Codes
  • Know the occasion
    Knowing what is the dress code of the event you are attending is the most important thing of being well-dressed in every occasion. Is it a house party? Casual clothes like denim jeans with t-shirts for both men and women are safe choices. Are you going out with friends or coworkers? Except jeans with t-shirts, chinos with shirts for men and skirts with dressier t-shirts or dresses for women. Is it a cocktail party? Suits but there are no need for ties for men and dresses that don’t reveal a lot for women. Is it an important event or black tie event? The most elegant with the least details possible for both genders is the perfect choice. Tuxedos or black suits with white shirts for men and long, simple, classy dresses for women.
  • Accessories
    There is nothing better than accessorizing if you want to upgrade your style. The best part is that you have plenty of things to choose from. Bracelets, watches, necklaces, glasses, belts, ties, pocket squares, bags, rings, earrings and hats are the most common ones. You can find different styles and colours of each according to your gender and style. Some people thought, don’t use any of them and others overdo it. Don’t wear more than 2 rings and bracelets per hand. Earrings are depended on preference. The rest go without saying that you only gonna use one of each.
  • Layering
    That’s something that only works on fall/winter times but it’s an awesome way to improve your style while staying warm. You add different kind of clothes or accessories, one over the other, creating layers of different fabrics, colours, patterns and styles. Your best bets are cardigan/V-neck sweaters, jackets without sleeves, scarves, undershirts, shirts, waistcoats and overcoats.
The Life Upgrades - Layering Clothes
  • Adding colours
    Most people scare to add more than 2 colours or in some cases even more than 1 colour in their outfits. However if you don’t play around with combining colours you will never learn how to do that. Plus it makes things fun and interesting. Wearing the same colours over and over again is boring, especially if you only wear black ones. Put your clothes the one over the other on your bed and see what works well with something else and what doesn’t. If you still aren’t sure about your choices, then ask someone who knows a bit more on that matter or even use a colour wheel. It’s cheap and can be found on ebay. It will make your life a lot easier. It shows you how each colour changes when another colour is added to it and which ones can be put together and look good.
The Life Upgrades - Colour Wheel
  • Adding patterns
    The second scariest thing for most individuals is patterns. Which one goes with what? What is the right size of patterns on my clothes? With what can I pair it with? Those are some of the few most common questions asked. Actually is pretty simple; you only have to think two things when pairing patterns together. Size and consistency. By size I mean how big or small the shapes on the garment are and by consistency I mean how close each shape next to the other is. In order to be correct with your pairing then, they must have different size and consistency. It doesn’t matter if they have the same type of pattern, as long as you follow these two rules. You can add up to 3 or even 4 patterns in some cases. Be careful with adding 4 though because it may look too much, so add up to 3 preferably. Also make sure the colours match.
  • Walk with confidence
    Not many have it, but it can be learned. I shared a few tips on doing that in another article, check it out. It’s a great skill to have for any reason and styling falls into that category. If you don’t like and feel amazing for wearing whatever is that you are wearing then it’s pointless in the first place. You have to feel comfortable having the clothes and accessories you chose on you. Stop listening to others telling you that those garments are not in fashion now or you look stupid wearing them. I had that reaction plenty of times because I like wearing waistcoats and pocket squares with my jeans or chinos. I answered them back that they should rethink what they are wearing because they buy what someone said is fashionable this month and that shows that they don’t have their own opinion. Do the same next time and walk with confidence with what you are wearing because that’s YOU; that’s your style, so own it.
The Life Upgrades - Walk with Confidence

Tip: It’s always better to be over-dressed instead of under-dressed. Always remember that.

Hopefully by now you have enough tips on improving your style without paying a lot of money to get all the new fashionable clothes and feel joy when dressing instead of worrying if the whole image of you doesn’t look right. Have fun with everything and you will notice that after a while it would look a lot easier.

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