Humans always searched and still do for love. They want to find that someone that he or she is perfect for them. That’s normal because that’s the human nature. However when they do find that special person sometimes they do stupid things and their relationships don’t last for very long. Why does that happen? Can you change that?

A relationship can make people happy and even make them do crazy stuff that they wouldn’t have done before. Sometimes though the opposite happens and they get miserable because something bad happened. It’s fascinating how easy can change our moods because of all these dopamine and endorphin firing up in our brain. Of course there are going to be times that people do mistakes and their other halves get angry about that. We are people; we aren’t gods to be perfect. On the other hand though, there are a few small things that if both of them change their relationship will last.

  • Trust
    My personal opinion is that trust is what matters the most. It’s the pillars of every relationship. If at least one of the two has trust issues then he/she will get really jealous of the other person in whatever he/she does. Therefore that person will think that there is always a third person and accuse the other half for nothing. Also his/her partner can’t go anywhere with friends to have fun like before. In the end both of them get miserable.
  • Support each other
    Whether that is a hobby or a job or some kind of a project that your partner tries to do, you must be next to him/her and vice versa. All of us have dreams about things that we love doing. If the person we love doesn’t believe and support us, then who will?
  • Give without expecting anything back
    There are people who if they are going to do something for someone, they expect something in return. Otherwise they won’t do it. That might be the case in a business, but not in a relationship. You need to give something, even the smallest or dumbest thing ever to your partner every now and then. For them might mean a lot and make them feel very happy because the unexpected is even more satisfying.
  • Respect
    This one affects both of you. For example you go for a dinner with the other person’s parents and you are disrespectful. Who gets embarrassed? Both of you of course and your partner probably will not want to see you again. Respect other people’s personalities, beliefs, ideas, privacy and anything else that’s important to them.
The Life Upgrades - Respect
  • Forgive
    As we said above we are not gods, therefore we all make mistakes in our lives. If you really love each other enough then you will forgive each other and have the same feelings as before. Staying mad at your partner won’t make things right. You can’t change the past. So calm down, overcome your anger, forgive him/her and discuss about what bothers you so that he/she stops doing it. Also always admit your mistakes too, don’t blame your partner for everything.
  • Be truthful
    People even though say lies to each other all the time, they hate it when that happens to them. But in a relationship you need to be honest with each other, whatever that is you are hiding. If not, then there is not going to be any trust in between you and as we said before relationship without trust is pointless.
  • Be loyal
    That one is a no brainer for plenty of reasons. You lose your trust, you lie to each other, probably you don’t love the other person anymore and the respect in between you is lost.
  • Better communication
    Talk nicer and listen to each other. Communicating brings people closer because they discuss their ideas, feelings, what they think about each other, they get to know what their partners did up to now, there is more understanding between them and plenty more.
  • Balance everything
    Everyone likes different things. It’s one of the things that make us who we are. Therefore sometimes you need to set aside your desires to make your partner happy too. If he/she really deserves that, then your partner will appreciate it and do the same for you. Don’t forget, everyone has their own needs. Find common ground in what hobbies and interests you both have and try to do as many as possible together. It makes the activities even more fun.
  • Give space
    There are things that you can’t do together. That’s where you need to give space to each other. Men want to hang out with their buddies at the bars or at home playing video games and ladies want to go out with their girlfriends for shopping or go to places that make them prettier.
The Life Upgrades - Friends hanging out

Each relationship is different because the people in it think differently. Those are the values I personally think a relationship needs to have in order to last. Try both you and your partner to be better at the ones above and the ones you consider important and I’m sure you will not have any problems.

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