Men think and act differently than women and vice versa. We are like two different species and that creates the problems between us. Men think that if they say or do something that they consider the right thing to do, the same goes for women. Unfortunately it’s not, and I wanted to mention the most common ones, so that you can improve your relationships. Don’t worry ladies; you can check out the article I wrote for you too.

Don't lie to her. Women are naturally like lie detectors. It's almost impossible to hide something from them.Don't be pushy. Give her space to think and choose whatever that is.

Don't be pushy. Give her space to think and choose whatever that is.

Don't be too emotional all the time and act like a crying babe.

However show your emotions every now and then. Women usually use their emotions instead of logic.

Don't be submissive. She wants a real man who dominates her in all matters.

Don't ignore her to play all day long video games or watch sports. Instead sit and talk with her for a few hours and have fun.

The Life Upgrades - Video Games

Compliment her. Who doesn’t like hearing compliments? Especially if she wore that new dress she bought.

Be gentle with her. Touching, kissing, hugging etc. She feels safe in your hands.

Don't talk about yourself all the time, stop and listen to her. Let her talk about herself more. She wants to tell you what bothers her or just talk. Women love being heard.

Empathy with her. If she does have a problem, listen to it, understand her feelings, try to calm her down and make her feel good.

The Life Upgrades - Empathy

Listen to her side of the story. Don't rush into arguing, tell your opinion and then listen to hers too.

Be a gentleman. Learn having manners and take care of her the best way you can.

Don't be a jerk. The bar is already high because her dad is the best man in her life until you REALLY show her otherwise. Don't make things worse and more difficult for you.

Don't embarrass her because you are with your friends. Respect her; otherwise get prepared for the worst when you get home.

Make her feel special all the time. Make sure she knows that she is the only woman in your life and you can do anything for her, at least the things that are in your power.

Surprise her all the time. Women love gifts, and it doesn't have to be something big. They like the fact that you think of them. A few options are flowers, love letter or clothes.

The Life Upgrades - Surprise

Stop thinking about yourself, especially in bed. They have needs too. Learn what she likes and give it to her. Relationships are a two-way street.

Women notice everything, even small details. Yes they do, even if you spilled something on your clothes and didn’t change because you think that is so small that she won’t notice it. Don’t neglect your hygiene (showers, teeth, fingernails etc.), dress well and match colours at least.

Don't control her. She needs to go out with friends or shopping and have fun like you do with your buddies when there is a match on TV.

Take her out for a date more frequently. Act like is the first date every single time. That way you show her how much you love her.

Make sure you go through these points and adjust properly. Don’t change everything at the same time because that will be really weird. Small changes every few days are better. Some of these may seem stupid to you and that is normal but try at least most of them and believe me, they will appreciate the effort.

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