People are always trying to find the easy way to do things. They are looking for that special item or service that will remove their problems and/or give them what they want instantly. That is not humanly possible. However there are a few life-upgrading tips that if you do them daily you will see progress in any aspect of your life.


Communicate more
Start talking to more people every day, whoever that might be. You never know who you will get to meet. Maybe it’s your next best friend, spouse, mentor, business partner or client. You learn new things from others, create new relationships and become more likeable to people around you. By connecting with others you feel happy instead of lonely.

The Life Upgrades - Openess, communication


Find your purpose
If you work at a job that you don’t like, then you will hate your life for choosing that job in the first place. Find the one which gives you energy every morning because you love doing it. Having that energy will make you more productive and creative. Also list 5-10 tasks that you need to do that will take you closer to your goals. When you complete some of the tasks, write new ones. Small steps create bigger opportunities.


Eat healthy and exercise
If you want to have a healthy mind and body. Stop eating all those craps like junk foods and candies. Eat more organic foods (meat, eggs, fish, dairy, vegetables and fruits). These will give you all the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals the body needs to work properly. Always drink plenty of water. It keeps you hydrated, refreshes the body, helps the skin to look good and can even help you lose some weight. Fitness keeps your body in shape, your mind sharp, improves your overall health, you become confident about yourself and it can be fun. Find a sport or a workout you like and stick to it. After a few days it will be part of your routine and you will feel healthier.

The Life Upgrades - Eat healthy, exercise


It’s very important if you don’t want to get all kinds of diseases and also be clean. The most common tips are – Washing your hands before eating, brushing your teeth daily, especially before going to bed, daily showers, taking care of your nails and hair, wearing clean clothes, staying clean & dry, using deodorant and visiting your doctor every few months for a general check-up.


Find your style
There are all kinds of clothing and combinations, both for men and women. Every person has a different sense of style and depending on his/her body type there are appropriate clothes that are suitable for every individual. So learn the basics of styling and create your own one. Do not listen to others that think you must wear the same clothes as everyone else. Some of his/her tips might be helpful, fair enough. But not everything is perfect for everyone. Having your own style is having your own personality. Find what works for you so that you spend your money wisely and be yourself, not someone else.


Augustine of Hippo said:

The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.

He was right because it’s the best way to learn about different cultures, their traditions and discover new exciting places. Also, it’s one of the best ways to relax from work. Therefore make sure at least once a year to travel somewhere that you have never been before. In the worst case scenario if you can’t do it, just visit nearby places.

The Life Upgrades - Travelling


Date more often
Men and women love dating. Otherwise human kind wouldn’t exist now. It’s nice to get to know new attractive people a