Let’s be honest for a minute. Everyone loves having the attention of others, and even a little flirting every now and then. It boosts your self-esteem and makes you happy about it. Have you thought before what makes others attracted to you? What makes you more attractive and desirable? There are a few things that can help you realize this.


If others notice that you are a shy person or just don’t wanna talk to anyone, then they won’t even bother talking to you. Why should they? It’s like your body is screaming “I don’t want to be disturbed”. Be open to people and show them that you want to communicate. Don’t sit all by yourself in a corner like a creep. Sit or stand somewhere that you can talk to others so that you open up to them. Your mindset and actions of openness will make others notice you instantly. For more body language tips in order to improve effectiveness of your presence check out this article.

The Life Upgrades - Openess, communication


This goes without saying but some people don’t pay too much attention to it as they should do. Having a shower, doing the appropriate grooming, cleaning your nails, cleaning your teeth and having fresh breath are essential. Moreover some people prefer to take care of other things on a daily basis which is totally up to them. However make sure you do the above because you don’t want to repel others away from you instead of attracting them towards you.


There are so many different kinds of styles in today’s world and different types of clothes that you can choose from. Find the ones you like and most importantly suit your body in order to create your own unique style. This will help you to be yourself, feel good in those clothes and project that feeling towards others. Not only will you feel great, they might even like you with that specific style. Unfortunately people do judge you depending on your appearance. Use that to your advantage.

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Communication skills

Even though clothes will create the good or bad first impression, what comes next is your people skills. Whether you like talking to others or feel embarrassed to socialize, people will remember you on your first impression. If you make them laugh, discuss interesting ideas and have great time then they will hook you up. It’s perfectly normal to be like that. Would you want to keep talking to someone who’s boring and has nothing to talk about except of what he does for a living? I don’t think so. Become better at small-talk, come up with more intriguing stories of events that happened to you and listen to others. You might even start an engaging conversation from something they told you a few seconds ago.


Plenty of types, brands and smells to choose from. Find the one that will enhance your essence because it can also do the opposite. Don’t wear something because everyone else does. Try a few and stick to the one you that it suits you. If you are having trouble deciding then ask a person you trust to decide for you. The aroma you emit will boost your attractiveness. Plus the brain creates connections of that specific smell with memories. Therefore whenever they smell that fragrance again or something similar they will remember you and the moments you both had together. Just make sure they have good memories of you.

The Life Upgrades - Perfumes

Be charismatic

Yes it helps a lot if you have it naturally. However just like many other things in life it can be learned through practice. Did you ever notice that person who walks into a room and everyone is staring at him or want to be around him? Yeah that’s what I’m talking about. Charisma is a mixture of the above combined with confidence, which we talked about in depth before. If you watched the series “White Collar” with the fictional character Neal Caffrey then you know what I’m talking about. If you want more tips on how to be more charismatic check out the "The Art of Charm" podcast. It’s the best out there for all these.

The Life Upgrades - The Art of Charm

Start working on these above pointers and also check out the resources I highlighted. At some point the combination will boost your attractiveness big time. Moreover find what works best for you and add it into the equation. The results will bring to you the people you want to have in your life.

Share this article to inform more people and tell us your thoughts in the comments below: Do you have the attributes mentioned above? Do you take care of your image in general? Are the tips and resources helpful? What are you working on at the moment from the above tips? Do you have any other suggestions to make?